Friday, November 04, 2005

Friday's Picks

"Hi, Rawn."
"Oh, hi Commissioner Stern. What can I do for you?"
"Rawn, if you try to pull anything tonight, if you get out of control, if you open your mouth, or even if you don't tuck your shirt in...let's just say there's going to be some problems. Major problems..for you."

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Week: (15-5), Season: (15-5)

  • PHILADELPHIA -7 over Charlotte
  • Memphis -2.5 over ORLANDO
  • New Jersey -4 over TORONTO
  • Detroit -3.5 over BOSTON--Lock
  • NEW YORK -4 over Washington
  • SAN ANTONIO -7 over Cleveland
  • DENVER -11.5 over Portland
  • CLIPPERS -11 over Atlanta
  • SEATTLE -4 over Minnesota
  • GOLDEN STATE -7.5 over Utah

No time for analysis, sorry everyone. Since Paul stole my lock and my format, just read his comments below. That Philly line changed from 8.5 to 7, so I changed it. Paul gets to keep his at 8.5 because that's where he found it.

Paul's Picks:

Week: (11-9), Season: (11-9)

  • Charlotte +8.5 over PHILADELPHIA
  • Memphis -2.5 over ORLANDO
  • New Jersey -4 over TORONTO
  • Detroit -3.5 over BOSTON **LOCK**
  • Washington +4 over NEW YORK
  • SAN ANTONIO -7 over Cleveland
  • Portland +11.5 over DENVER
  • Atlanta +11 over CLIPPERS
  • Minnesota +4 over SEATTLE
  • GOLDEN STATE -7.5 over Utah

--The Sixers' biggest problem right now is the Bobcats' only strength-- their ability to score around the rim. Bobcats should be able to keep this one close as they keep AI in check. PHI 100-95

--Fratello prepared his team well for Miami the other night which is why the game was close until the middle of the 3rd Quarter. Then the Heat just simply overmatched his Grizzlies, which they'll do to a lot of teams this season. Orlando is no Miami. MEM 88-84

--New Jersey is going to have problems beating teams that can match their talent and run with them. Toronto is not even close to being one of those teams. NJ 106-92

--The Celts played the Pistons very tough last season 3 out of 4 times, but the Pistons are going to be a tougher team to defend this time. Look for Detroit to actually punish the teams they should this season unlike last. DET 101-90

--I originally had the Knicks covering this game with a 91-86 win. Then I looked it and realized that if the Knicks are going to beat a better team, it's going to be very, very close. NY 92-89

--San Antonio played a subpar game on Tuesday and still managed to beat the Nuggets fairly easily. I think we'll see a better game out of the Spurs tonight and you know what that means? It's not going to be close, not at SBC. SA 105-90

--Don't underestimate Nate McMillan. He'll have his guys playing hard on defense every night, and they should be able to score a fair amount against a struggling Nuggets club. I still like Denver to pick up their first win thanks to George Karl being back on the bench. DEN 101-94

--How's this stat for you? Over the Clippers' last 66 regular season games, they've beaten just 2 teams by 11+ points-- the Hawks in Atlanta (4/3) and the Lakers (1/26) at Staples (obviously). I like the Clippers, but I still don't think they can blow teams out just yet. LAC 97-89

--Dwane Casey makes his return to Seattle against a team he knows very well. Hmm. He should be able to prep his team for a predictable Sonics attack. SEA 93-91

--Golden State is going to keep pushing and pushing the pace on you, and while you might be able to contain them for a little while, you're not going to shut them down for an entire game. Not at The Arena. While they won't be able to run Utah out of the building like they did Atlanta, they will prove to be too fast and too deep for Jerry Sloan's boys. GS 111-99


At 9:25 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

philly STINKS, Boston is taking that division

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, my paper got wet in the rain.
Did Denver cover the spread?


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