Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday's Picks

Can Kareem rush and the Bobcats cause problems for the Pacers again? Ant and Paul both think so.

November 18, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (0-3); Week: (11-14); Season: (69-50)

  • Charlotte +14.5 over INDIANA
  • CLEVELAND -11.5 over Orlando
  • MIAMI -3.5 over Philadelphia
  • BOSTON -9.5 over Toronto
  • Atlanta +5.5 over NEW ORLEANS
  • New York +7.5 over DENVER
  • PHOENIX -11 over Utah
  • Detroit -3.5 over HOUSTON
  • Milwaukee +4.5 over SACRAMENTO
  • Golden State -3.5 over PORTLAND
  • Clippers -2 over LAKERS
  • Chicago +3 over SEATTLE
After an 0-3 abomination, I'm in no mood to evaluate these games...nor should you be listening to me. I think the fact that I HATE my job might have something to do with this. Plus my right eye keeps twitching. That can't be good for making picks.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (2-1); Week: (17-8); Season: (61-58)
  • Charlotte +14.5 over INDIANA
  • Orlando +11.5 over CLEVELAND
  • MIAMI -3.5 over Philadelphia
  • Toronto +9.5 over BOSTON
  • Atlanta +5.5 over NEW ORLEANS/OKLAHOMA CITY
  • DENVER -7.5 over New York
  • PHOENIX -11 over Utah
  • Detroit -3.5 over HOUSTON - *LOCK*
  • Milwaukee +4.5 over SACRAMENTO
  • PORTLAND +3.5 over Golden State
  • Clippers -2 over LAKERS
  • Chicago +3 over SEATTLE

--Conventional logic would lead you to believe the Pacers are going to HAMMER the Bobcats tonight after being humiliated in Charlotte on Wednesday. I don't know about that. In 4 games against the youngest franchise in the NBA, Indiana has yet to cover one. Don't underestimate this team-- they come out fighting every night. IND 100-94

--As great as the Cavs look at home right now, the Magic are actually playing pretty decent basketball. They've allowed over 90 points in just 2 of 7 games this season and come into tonight's game with a chip on their shoulders after a heartbreaking loss at home on Sunday to Cleveland. Look for Orlando to give Cleveland a battle before LeBron James single-handedly lifts the Cavs. CLE 97-93

--Yes, Philadelphia has won 6 in a row. Of course four of the last five have been at home with the most recent being in Toronto. No, the streak is not going to continue tonight. MIA 105-99

--Toronto should be able to keep up with Boston because, much like themselves, they can't play any defense. Also consider that the Celts failed to cover once in their four meetings with the Raptors last season. BOS 107-106

--Speedy Claxton may not play tonight and J.R. Smith will be going with a hobbled knee. This should allow the Hawks to at least keep it close and possibly even win the game. NO/OKC 92-87

--The Nuggets have slammed their last three opponents at the Pepsi Center and should have little problem disposing of the Knicks tonight. DEN 99-86

--With that lineup Jerry Sloan has sent out the last two games, I'm not sure the Jazz could beat the Utes. PHX 111-90

--Pistons have been off since Tuesday while the Rockets will still be recovering from their loss in San Antonio last night. Only way Houston wins this is if T-Mac has one of those unbelievable nights. Not happening against the Pistons. DET 99-92

--Don't be fooled by Sacramento-- they truly suck. And don't let Milwaukee mistake you-- they're for real. MIL 109-105

--It's time to already start throwing Nate McMillan's name into the Coach of the Year talk-- I don't care how early it is. Portland has been phenomenal on defense when you consider where they were at the end of last season. Golden State is going to continue to struggle to find a rhythm offensively until Baron is 100%. POR 93-91

--The Clippers are a better team than the Lakers. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to tune into this game. LAC 99-96

--Congratulations, Seattle-- your offense has looked great...against Toronto, New Jersey, and Boston. Let's see what you can do against a sound defensive ball club. CHI 96-90


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