Wednesday, November 09, 2005

KG For Sale?

Would the T'Wolves really trade KG?

From an anonymous reader this week:

“Since word is out that teams are holding off trading until KG becomes available, are you guys going to blog about what a KG trade would have to look like in order to get done?”


Why not? There is nothing like concocting a good NBA trade or two after a dull and worthless day is there? And who better to build a mega-deal around than perhaps the best player in the entire league (pardon me, LeBron)? You see, we could discuss possible trades involving King James, Duncan, Shaq, Wade, and Kobe all we want, but the chances of any of those stars being dealt are about as likely as Michael Ruffin winning a beauty pageant. So why is it that those five stars remain untouchable assets to their respective teams and yet the likelihood of a KG deal seems to be building steam with each passing day? Well it’s pretty simple if you ask me. The aforementioned players are on teams with a legitimate shot of winning an NBA championship—either this year or in the not too distant future. The Timberwolves on the other hand, seem to be retreating in the opposite direction (but don’t tell Ryan Kinkade that). To put things in perspective, during Garnett’s 10-year residency in Minnesota, the team has managed to advance out of the first round of the Playoffs just once. And after they finally managed to do so in 2003-04 (KG’s 9th season)—actually making it all the way to the Conference Finals—the team missed the Playoffs entirely last season, while firing long-time Head Coach Flip Saunders along the way. When a team goes through that kind of turbulence over a decade, the next logical move to consider is trading the centerpiece of the puzzle—even if his name is Garnett.

So now that a KG deal seems to be more practical than ever, let’s see where in fact the big man could land if/once Minnesota starts to fade from Playoff contention. Keep in mind that Garnett is not likely to be dealt to a small city or to a team with little chance to win in the near future. Thus, I have narrowed my list down to the four teams that make the most sense and of course, hold the assets to acquire #21.

(Note: all trades were approved through


Obviously the team with the most promising youth on its roster has to be a possibly destination. I’m not sure if any of you remember what type of player Danny Ainge was, but let’s just say if his team was losing, he’d want to do everything in his power to change the tides. So why is it that this season, with his ball club facing what seems to be a steep uphill climb, Ainge seems perfectly content with Gang Green? The only explanation I have is that he plans on using all of this young talent to pull an eventual ace from his Celtics’ polo in order to get banner #17 hanging in the Garden rafters. Think about it, so much youth and so many promising players whose contracts will all be expiring right around the same time? Ainge would have to be foolish to think he’ll be able to keep a solid core in tact for the next 5-10 years. Thus, maybe that ace will come in the form of Garnett, a player trapped in a city hindering him from glory, suddenly shipped to a city once famed for it. Seems like the perfect fit, no?

So what in fact would it take to get Garnett to Beantown? Here are a few scenarios…

Option #1

Minnesota trades: PF Kevin Garnett

Boston trades: PF Raef LaFrentz, SG Ricky Davis, PF Al Jefferson, & SG Tony Allen

--I think Ainge will do everything in his power to keep Paul Pierce, and either Jefferson or Gerald Green. If that’s the case, Boston should transform in an immediate top-4 team in the East.

Option #2

Minnesota trades:
PF Kevin Garnett & SG Richie Frahm

Boston trades: SF Paul Pierce, C Mark Blount, PF Al Jefferson, & 1st Round Pick

--The Wolves get a scorer to replace KG, a center to finally displace the Kandi Man, and their power forward of the near future in Jefferson.


Minnesota trades: PF Kevin Garnett & SF Wally Szczerbiak

Boston trades: SG Paul Pierce, PF Raef LaFrentz, PF Al Jefferson, & SG Gerald Green

--This scenario only plays out if GM Kevin McHale gets nasty and demands almost everything the Celtics have to offer. Throwing in Wally could be very realistic as he is another player seemingly overstaying his welcome.


With Phil Jackson returning to the pine this season, the drafting of high school C Andrew Bynum doesn’t make much sense unless the team foresees him being part of a future deal. Thus, he’d be an important piece in any deal for KG. I’m not going to include Kobe in any trade because that would make no sense for the Lakers whatsoever. They’re only going after KG to pair him with Bryant. As far as who else would (not) be included in potential deals, let’s take a look…

Minnesota trades: PF Kevin Garnett, PF Mark Madsen, & SG Richie Frahm

LA Lakers trade: F Lamar Odom, FC Kwame Brown, C Andrew Bynum, & 2 future 1st Round picks

--The Wolves get an impact player (Odom), a former 1st overall pick (Brown), the Lakers most recent 1st rounder (Bynum), and even more insurance for the future (2 picks). While it may seem like a lot, I’m afraid that’s what KG’s going to warrant. Throwing in Madsen was mandatory.

--A Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett duo would certainly spark the interest of NBA fans across the country and almost guarantee the Lakers a shot at knocking off San Antonio. Who cares if their supporting cast would be Chris Mihm, Smush Parker and Devean George?


We all remember the KG-for-Dirk rumors that surfaced this past summer—I believe started by the great Sam Smith (great meaning moronic). But as much as I’m perturbed with Smith’s relentlessness to create thousands of trade rumors every year, this deal may in fact make sense. The deal would be taking two players, who haven’t been able to achieve greatness with their respective teams, and giving them a change of scenery. Sometimes that’s all superstars need in order to reach new heights. Here’s how a potential trade might look:

Minnesota Trades: PF Kevin Garnett & PF Nikoloz Tskitishvili

Dallas trades: PF Dirk Nowitzki & SG Marquis Daniels

--While KG and Dirk obviously act as the centerpieces of the deal, the Daniels for Skita swap is one that clearly favors the Wolves. The Auburn product is an up-and-coming player in this league, but riding the pine for this Mavs team has prevented him from displaying his true shine. Perhaps that opportunity would come in Minnesota.


Losing Nene for the season really handicaps this Nuggets team the rest of the way. There is no way they can expect Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin to remain healthy for the better portion of 82 games in addition to the Playoffs. And while Francisco Elson is a viable backup, he’s not going to be much help in snatching a series away from the Spurs, Rockets, or Suns. So what should Denver do? Sit on this team and hope for the best? Pray that Carmelo transforms overnight into the superstar everyone expected him to be? Hope that Kenyon and Andre Miller can return to All-Star form? Not very realistic if you ask me.

This, while trading away highly acclaimed assets such as Carmelo and Martin may seem less-than-likely, Denver may have to reconsider if KG does in fact become available. Check out this potential deal…

Minnesota trades: PF Kevin Garnett & SF Trenton Hassell

Denver trades: SF Carmelo Anthony, PF Kenyon Martin, & PG Earl Watson

--Minny gets a PF to replace KG, a potential superstar in the making, as well as a point guard to push Troy Hudson back to the pine where he belongs. Couple these players with Wally World, Marko Jaric, Eddie Griffin, and the Kandi Man, and Minny could propel as high as 4th or 5th in the West.

--Denver on the other hand, would be throwing in the towel on Carmelo and Martin, in order to acquire a bonafide superstar—probably well worth it. In addition, Kiki Vandeweghe would be forming one of the most potent defenses in the league by coupling KG and Camby in the front court, along with Hassell, a veteran shut-down small forward. If there’s one way to beat San Antonio, it’s with defense.

Any suggestions for additional KG deals, please make sure to share them in the comments section below. Thanks
P.S. I'm sure any deal involving Garnett would involve at least three teams. That being the case, it's almost impossible to accurately forecast a deal, and that's why I kept it simple with just 2.


At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You think Boston could win him with four nothings from LaFrentz to Allen, while Denver would have to give up Martin, Anthony and Watson?

No way can the Celtics get him without Pierce. Plus, the rest of their young guys aren't that impressive to look so winning. They'd have to trade practically the entire team.

And what about Chicago? Better young talent.

At 10:41 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

I tried to create a wide range of trade options with Boston. The first may be a little skimpy on the Celts' end, but the others certainly aren't.

"Plus, the rest of their young guys aren't that impressive to look so winning."

Yeah, I dont know what that means.

As far as Chicago goes, they'd have to give up at LEAST Thomas, Chandler and Gordon, probably Deng. Who would that leave them with? Hinrich, KG, and Sweetney? Not very realistic for the Bulls. Think about it...

At 10:55 PM, Blogger "rem" said...

what about KG and Wally for O'Neal and Artest And Fred Jones

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

KG and Paul Pierce on the same team and they'd ONLY be top 4 in the east?! I definitely disagree. I'll continue to talk myself to sleep each with with the thought that these two will get to play together. Two superstars who are incredibly obsessed with winning, incredibly talented on both the offensive and defensive ends, and would only push each other to play harder and be better. KG had Sam Cassell and Latrell Spreewell and he took that team to the Conference Finals! Paul Pierce would put up LeBronish numbers and become the Mariano Rivera of basketball...Only Top 4 in the East? I think that's an understatement.

I absolutely agree that the Celtics would have to throw more talent in...and I don't know how many total players and picks they'd be allowed to deal (I only know you can only deal so many number ones)...but if you can pair Pierce with absoultely HAVE to do that, don't you? If KG isn't enough to break the bank for, then what is?

At 2:16 AM, Blogger pyanski said...

Hi Paul and Ant!

First of all lemme tell you that I've been a big fan of your blog since day one (I remember you spammed the t-wolves ESPN message board with a shady campaign). Even though I have left the states (I went to University of Minnesota) in the summer and came back to my home country (Malaysia, if you have a clue where that is), I still make it a point to visit your blog almost everyday for all your fun-to-read articles.

KG is going nowhere, dawg, even if Godzilla comes to town. Period. But FWIW I find it funny when you say (in Option#2 of the Celtics trade)"a center to finally displace the Kandi Man". Mark Blount? What are you smoking man? Kandi has been playing really well so far in his contract year.

Okily dokily. That's all from this land across the globe. Keep it rocking guys.

At 2:39 AM, Blogger Ryan Kinkade said...

Oh man... I've bet you've been waiting for this comment!

First, I'm gonna say nice article... it's a topic that I've been hearing about and you're just putting it out there. It was also interesting to read. Buy honestly, I DO see the Wolves improving over last year, but to a championship level? I'm not that bias. There was a very interesting article in the Startribune about KG today (, in which he flat out said he still thinks this team is not talented enough to get to the level he wants to reach (even if they did completely obliterate both LA teams in the second halfs of those games... are they learning to close teams out??). With that said... I would not be surprised or even necessarily upset if KG asked for a trade.

I basically think the Timberwolves management has until next year to make this team a winner. A real winner. They already payed Hudson, Kandi, Hassell, Madsen, and Wally too much money, severely limiting their abilities to aquire help through free agency. I think at least 3 of those 5 players are going to have to be sent elsewhere if this team is going to get 1 great player or 2 pretty good players. Hudson is playing well right now, hopefully that'll draw interest from somewhere. Kandi's contract will be up after the year is out. We all know the Wolves have been looking to trade Wally. Still, I think those guys will be pretty tough to trade and get something in return. KG really is their only tradeable asset... I can't really see how they can get a championship team while KG is still an elite player. There have been just too many lost draft picks, poor draft picks, and overpriced signings of their own free agents.

My friends have been asking me for years... "If KG went somewhere else, would you be a fan of his new team or of the Wolves?" I've always said, I'm a KG fan first... a Wolves dan second. I would be mildly upset, but if getting traded is what it takes for KG to get a ring, and if a ring is what he wants so badly... then I can't complain too much. I'm not going to lie. A little part of me was upset when he reupped for 5 years after I had heard the Spurs were saving all that cap space in hopes of getting KG before last season. I knew if that happened KG would finally put to rest all the "Duncan is so much better than KG" bullshit I've heard for the past 5-10 years. American society has ingrained the idea of winning so much into everyones head that those that don't win are automatically considered inferior. If KG can team up with another superstar, I think he will indeed win... ensuring his place amongst the best basketball players of all time. A place that I know he's already ascended to.

Time to get off the pedestal... there are 77 games left in this regular season and they need to win 47 more to reach my expectations.

At 2:42 AM, Blogger Ryan Kinkade said...

Oh... and so much for that Wednesday **LOCK** Anthony... just kidding, but I think while I may definitely be overestimating the Wolves this year, you are certainly underestimating them. Their top 5 spent about 35 seconds on the court together before the season tipped off, yet they're a stone's throw away from being 5-0 right now. I like what Dwayne Casey's doing. a lot.

At 9:53 AM, Blogger Ken said...

KG to the Cavs for Big Z, Drew Gooden and Sasha Pavlovic. Do you hear me Jesus?

At 10:00 AM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Okay, I’ll try and touch on everyone’s comments briefly…

--Rem: “what about KG and Wally for O'Neal and Artest And Fred Jones”

The Pacers aren’t breaking up that team anytime soon Rem. And while that deal make work under the new CBA, it’s just not very practical at this point in time.

--As for the Celtics comments, remember that I’m a Celtics fan and ask Paul, I’m usually pretty (very) biased towards their success. But assuming that Boston would jump over Miami, Indy, and Detroit with a KG and Pierce duo may be going too far. Or maybe not, to each his own…But yes, I’d lose plenty of sleep too with both Garnett and Pierce in the C’s first five. It would be incredible.

--Pyanski: “But FWIW I find it funny when you say (in Option #2 of the Celtics trade)"a center to finally displace the Kandi Man". Mark Blount? What are you smoking man? Kandi has been playing really well so far in his contract year.”

Really well? 8.6 PPG and 6.4 RPG for a former #1 overall pick? Are you serious? Nevermind what I’m smoking, send me some of your shit…Blount is averaging 14.8 PPG and 4.8 RPG—seems to be the better option at this point

Kinkade: “I basically think the Timberwolves management has until next year to make this team a winner.”

Ry, why should management get MORE TIME to make them into a winner? They’ve had over ten years man. Look at the players surrounding KG: Hudson, Wally, Kandi man, Hassell, etc. You’re absolutely right by stating that these guys are overpaid, but why on earth should management get another shot to fix this? They had that opportunity last year with Spree’s expiring contract and elected not to move him.

And as far as the “Duncan is way better than KG” bullshit we’ve heard in the past, what people should be saying is that San Antonio’s front office realizes what type of player Timmay is and has put the proper pieces around him to allow him to win. Minnesota has done the exact opposite, plain and simple. Trust me man, I don’t want to see KG dealt, but seeing him in tears last year shows me that he has the heart of a warrior and deserves that chance at a title. That’s why I want him to come to Boston so badly. Coupling a guy like KG with a city that’s just as desperate for a title would be a perfect fit in my eyes. I love your passion Ry, I really do. Keep the faith man, you’re a better fan for it.

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Ken, I think Jesus himself would have to be included on the Cavs end to make that deal happen...

At 11:38 AM, Blogger Ken said...

Heh, when you get a chance to add a guy like Jesus to your roster you've got to make that move.

At 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah do u think there r any possibile trades the Suns and Wolves could do to bring KG to Phx? But at the same time with Phx keeping their core of players (Nash, Marion, and Amare). I think that would be plain sick with Nash at the point feeding the Matrix, the Big Ticket and Stat.Oh man the Suns would be a running highlight reel. Since the Wolves were talking about getting some experience and youth together maybe we could do something with Kurt Thomas and some picks. Whats ur opinion man? U can email me at thanx

At 4:29 PM, Blogger Ryan Kinkade said...

I completely agree they shouldn't get any more time. I basically meant if they don't create a championship level product by next year, even they are going to realize their window to win with KG has been shut. If they don't find some way to bring in an all star, it ain't gonna happen. They can't continue to rely on KG to turn role players into all-stars, because he isn't always going to be there. I would just hate to see what that team is like once KG is gone.

And I'll take the liberty of answering that KG to the Suns comment. If you honestly think there is ANY WAY the Suns could get KG without losing Nash, Marion, or Amare... I can't think of anything witty to say, but it's not happening. It's an insult to KG to suggest he would be traded for "Kurt Thomas and some picks".

At 4:32 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Ryan works part-time for our site answering brain-less T'Wolves questions...Great work

At 5:01 AM, Blogger Pete said...

what about kg for vince carter, krstic, and one of the nets' 2 first-round picks next year?

the nets starters would probably all have to play 40+ minutes a game (assuming j-mac takes vince's spot), but that'd be a pretty sick lineup.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger mark said...

interesting article -- believe me, as a Celtics fan I've been thinking the same thing that you suggest here for quite some time. I've always put the chances of KG being moved at about 1%... and it'd have to come from him as a request... and it'd be done quietly.

That said I've always thought MIN would look for the following in a potential KG deal:

- ridding themselves of bad contracts (Wally Sz, T-Hud especially)
- young talent
- multiple #1 picks
- allstar/borderline allstar to show they're not just tanking it post-KG
- an Eastern Conference team -- so they won't have to face the only TWolves star the city's ever known.

That said I think you overlooked one main advantage the C's have -- 4 #1 picks in the next 3 drafts.

I too would want to keep Pierce, but Jefferson is more untouchable since he's only 20. I think the only way you coudl keep both woudl be something like

R. Davis (who McHale signed to his current deal)
Gerald Green
Tony Allen
Ryan Gomes
Marcus Banks (final year of contract)
Dan Dickau
Justin Reed
and THREE #1 picks.

for Garnett and Szczerbiak (and THudson for the C's trade exception).

This would give MIN a stable of young talent, 3 #1 picks, and Ricky Davis who can be the face of the team. If you include Pierce instead of Raef i'd take back 2 of the #1 picks -- and I think it would be more in MIN interest to totally rebuild through picks than a 29 year old Pierce

At 10:40 AM, Blogger enzino said...

as a celtics fan I'd do opion #1, but I think Minnesota does not.
Whay about: KG for
LaFrentz + R. Davis + Al Jefferson + Gerald Green
Boston could keep Pierce and go with West, Allen and Perkins (who ranks first in NBA in rb per game)
West, Allen and Perkins are going to be very good role players in the NBA. Just what needs a combo players like PP-KG. Also Boston can acquire another veteran player with the TPE and still has Banks, Orien Greene, Dickau, Gomes, Reed, Scala and Blount
Minnesota can rebuild around McCants, G.Green and Big Al, not a bad young core! And Ricky & LaFrentz are also good players.

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprised nobody mentioned about the talks of him going to Detroit and Detroit shipping Darko and Sheed over there. Flip and KG didn't do much in Minnesota but would they be able to in Detroit?

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the knicks. a package containing Frye, curry and Q for KG and Frahm, the knicks showed intrest in him earlier anyways

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