Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday's Picks

November 14, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (3-3); Last Week: (28-21); Season: (58-36)
  • Lakers +4.5 over MEMPHIS
  • New York +4 over UTAH
  • GOLDEN STATE -5 over Chicago

-I have to work out, so no time for analysis today. Man, I'm awesome.

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (1-5); Last Week: (21-28); Season: (44-50)

  • MEMPHIS -4.5 over Lakers
  • New York +3.5 over UTAH
  • GOLDEN STATE -5 over Chicago.

--No analysis from me until I right this ship. I've been getting f-u-c-k-e-d lately, but that doesn't change the fact that my record blows. Just one tidbit for you tonight-- the Bulls kick off their annual road trip in November when the circus comes to Chicago and pushes them out of the United Center. Since 1999, the Bulls are 1-37 on this road trip. 1 and fucking 37! Couple that with the Warriors being all sorts of fired up for tonight's game due to last week's controversial loss to the Bulls at the buzzer, and Golden State seems like a strong play.


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