Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday's Picks

AI and the 0-3 Sixers look to get on track in Indiana

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Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (6-4), Week: (21-9), Season: (21-9)

  • WASHINGTON -8.5 over Orlando
  • Boston +1 over CHARLOTTE
  • DETROIT -11.5 over Toronto
  • Cleveland +1.5 over MEMPHIS
  • Chicago +5.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • Philadelphia +10.5 over INDIANA
  • Miami +1 over MILWAUKEE
  • New Orleans +13 over HOUSTON - *McGrady Out*
  • San Antonio -1.5 over DALLAS
  • UTAH +2 over Phoenix
  • Atlanta +7 over PORTLAND
  • Minnesota +5 over LA CLIPPERS

Gotta keep this solid week goes:

--Orlando STINKS, realize this and keep going against them whie the lines remain reasonable. WAS 104, ORL 91

--Celts lost a heartbreaker last night but should take care of bizness tonight. They're better than I thought this year and the 'Cats are nowhere near as good as they look, or rather the Sixers made them look last night. BOS 101, CHA 96

--Detroit should be fired up after that thriller victory in Boston last night. And Toronto is just too young at this point to compete with the elite teams. DET 98, TOR 84

--Cleveland is going to be pissed after getting embaressed last night in San Antone. They are a much better team than that. I'm not sold on Memphis quite yet. CLE 99, MEM 93

--It really makes no sense not to pick Indy here, so I'm going with Philly. The Sixers were atrocious last night and honestly this could be a pivotal game for them as they sit at 0-3. PHI 103, IND 102, OT

--Milwaukee is playing really well, Miami just lost Shaq, the Bucks look like the easy pick. Take Miami. MIA 104, MIL 97.

--T-Mac's out, New Orleans covers easily. HOU 93, NOR 88

--I may not ever bet against San Antonio ever again. Ever. SAS 97, DAL 95.

--Not sure why EVRYONE is taking Phoenix (over 70% on That's why I'm going with the Jazz. UTH 103, PHX 100

--Yikes, ATL 31, PRT 30

--Clips are on a roll that needs to be stopped. It will be tonight. MIN 102, LAC 98


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (5-5), Week: (16-14), Season: (16-14)

  • Orlando +8.5 over WASHINGTON
  • Boston +1 over CHARLOTTE
  • DETROIT -11.5 over Toronto
  • Cleveland +1.5 over MEMPHIS
  • Chicago +5.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • INDIANA -10 over Philadelphia
  • MILWAUKEE -1 over Miami
  • New Orleans +13 over HOUSTON - *McGrady Out*
  • San Antonio -1.5 over DALLAS
  • UTAH +2 over Phoenix *LOCK*
  • PORTLAND -7 over Atlanta
  • LA CLIPPERS -5 over Minnesota

--5-0 to start the night, 0-5 to finish the night. Gross. I hate overtime games. If Seattle scores at the end of regulation, I cover. But if Minnesota sucks in overtime (which they did), I lose. It all evens out in the end, so whatever. And just for the record, there’s no way Anthony and I would have ever taken Golden State had we known Baron was out.

--Orlando travels to Washington after losing their second consecutive game at TD Waterhouse to start the season—not the way you want to kick the year off. Washington came away with a gritty effort in fending off the Knicks at MSG last night. I’m going with the Mags in this one. I think they’ll play the Wiz tough just like they did all four games last year. WAS 96-90

--So the Celtics were favored by as many as 2 late last night, and everyone was picking them to cover. Now for some strange reason, the Bobcats are favored by 1.5, and of course everyone is still taking the Celtics. Seems a little odd to me, don’t you think? Vegas is begging everyone to take the ‘Cats, on this night that they open the new Charlotte Bobcats Arena. I usually take the roadie in situations like these with the thinking that they might be a little distracted while the away team remains focused.
BOS 101-93

--Detroit didn’t look nearly as sharp last night as they did in their season-opening thrasing of the Sixers, but they still managed to come away with a win in Boston. Pistons are unstoppable at home. Raptors just plain suck. DET 107-90

--Another strange line in Memphis. The Cavs were favored by a point with everyone picking them. Now the line has moved up to favor Memphis and still everyone is picking them. Cavs should have plenty of rest after getting hammered in San Antonio last night, allowing Mike Brown to rest his starters. Look for the Cavs to win a close one.
CLE 98-96

--The Nets have the Bulls’ number having won 7 straight over Chicago, including their last 2 by double-digits at Continental Arena. But Chicago comes in with more rest after having the last 2 days off to prepare for the Nets. Kirk Hinrich’s ankle is reportedly fine and the Bulls have been practicing superbly since their inspiring win over Charlotte. Look for the Bulls to stay close with the Nets before giving way late. NJ 90-89

--I’m seriously worried about the Sixers. Anytime Iverson is crying during the press conference after the team’s third game, you know something is seriously wrong. He’s not going to be any happier after tonight. Pacers are just too physical for the Sixers to handle. IND 102-89

--The Bucks are for real. Jason Williams and Gary Payton aren’t equipped to handle T.J. Ford. Look for Ford to have his way and Redd and Simmons to light it up at home. MIL 105-99

--Here’s an early tip for you—Tracy McGrady is not playing tonight. NO/OKC beat the Rockets in the last preseason game for both teams in which the Hornets made a galliant comeback in their first game ever at the Ford Center. Rockets might be seeking revenge tonight, but I think the Hornets have had ample time to prepare for the Houston attack. HOU 85-79

--I’ll eventually pick against the Spurs. I’m just going to wait until they give me reason to believe they’re not going 82-0.
SA 106-103

--I have no idea why everyone is jumping on Phoenix at a 71% clip. If the Jazz were able to control the tempo against both Dallas and Golden State, why can’t they do the same at the Delta Center against Phoenix? If you get a chance to watch this game, take a close look at Deron Williams. He’s going to keep Steve Nash in check. UTA 100-92

--Atlanta and Portland are both dreadful. Your guess is as good as mine with this one. POR 97-86

--Minnesota has owned the Clippers, winning 10 of their last 11. That trend is about to change. Clippers stay at Staples after demolishing the Hawks last night, thus allowing Brand, Cassell, and co. to sit out most of the second half. Meanwhile, Minnesota played a brutal overtime game in Seattle in which four of their five starters played 37+ minutes. Aside from that, I really think the Clippers are just a much better team than Minnesota right now. Anyone watch the Wolves last night? They can’t score unless the ball goes through KG, and when KG is getting double and triple-teamed, he’s sometimes not able to get the ball. I'm worried about Minnesota. LAC 111-95


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