Saturday, November 12, 2005

Saturday's Picks

"Damn...I wonder if I look as stoned as I feel? Man, I really think I did something to my back reaching for that bong at Ewing's crib last night..." T-Mac returns tonight after "injuring" his back last week...Take the Nets with confidence

November 11, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (6-4); Week: (20-15); Season: (50-30)

  • WASHINGTON +5 over San Antonio
  • Memphis -4.5 over ATLANTA
  • Charlotte +9.5 over MIAMI
  • NEW JERSEY -3.5 over Houston
  • Dallas -7.5 over NEW ORLEANS
  • MILWAUKEE +1 over Indiana
  • Utah +6.5 over CHICAGO
  • PHOENIX -7 over Golden State

--Did you see how many lines last night seemed a little "too easy"? For instance, I thought the Pistons and Warriors would cruise against inferior opponents. I had no problem laying down 7+ points in each game. But what I'm learning is that those are the games to go in the other direction. There was no reason to think the Knicks and Blazers wouldn't get crushed in those particular matchups, yet both teams came out strong and eventually covered. Something to keep in mind...

On to tonight's matchups:

--I like to consider traveling in my picks and thus, that is a big reason I'm going with the Wizards tonight. The Spurs had to travel from Boston to DC last night at some point, in the area of a two-hour flight. All the Wizards had to do was go home and sleep. Plus all of Washington's players should be rested after putting up a whooping 137 on Seattle last night. San Anonio's stars played a bit more last night and should wear down at some point this evening. Spurs in a nail-biter, but Wiz cover. SAS 99, WAS 97

--I'm not taking the Hawks until they show some sort of cohesion as a basketball team. They all look like a group that just met each other like 5 minutes before tip-off. Plus, I like Memphis to respond after a heart-breaking loss to the Celtics this week coupled with an abomination last night in Cleveland. MEM 104, ATL 93.

--I'm not sure Miami could cover 9.5 points on anyone right now, especially the up-and-coming Bobcats. Sure Charlotte lost big time last night against the Mavs, but expect this youthful bunch to come back strong tonight. MIA 102, CHA 95.

--I personally think the Rockets are bringing McGrady back too soon, but I guess we'll see how that back responds tonight. Still, expect some rust on T-Mac's end and NJ to respond to their thumping at the hands of the Pacers last night. NJN 98, HOU 92.

--New Orleans is too young to keep up with this Dallas squad... DAL 105, NOR 91.

--Most folks are taking Indiana with confidence...I'm not going to sell this Bucks team short however. They want to prove they belong with the elite teams in the east and tonight's their first chance to prove that. Plus, they're well rested, Indy is not. MIL 101, IND 97.

--Jerry Sloan reamed out his team after their loss to the Nets on Wednesday. They responded well last night and I expect them to remain close with Chitown tonight. CHI 97, UTH 96.

--Golden State looked sluggish last night against a brutal Knicks' bunch. I expect them to get wallomped tonight in PHX. The Suns want to make up for their poor effort on Thursday vs. Detroit. PHX 111, GS 98.


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (6-4); Week: (18-17); Season: (41-39)

  • San Antonio -5 over WASHINGTON
  • Memphis -4.5 over ATLANTA
  • MIAMI -9.5 over Charlotte
  • NEW JERSEY -3.5 over Houston - *Tracy McGrady Questionable*
  • NO/OKC +7.5 over Dallas
  • Indiana -1 over MILWAUKEE
  • Utah +6.5 over CHICAGO
  • Golden State +7 over PHOENIX

-I'm not ready to go against San Antonio ATS. They're clearly a better team and should win this game. SAN 104-98

-I'm not ready to go with Atlanta ATS. They're clearly a horrible team and should lose this game. MEM 100-90

-Charlotte hits the road for the first time in over a week after getting beat easily by Dallas last night. Miami took 3 of 4 meetings by double-digits last year. MIA 97-86

-Houston is desperate for a win, but I don't think they're in a situation where T-Mac has to rush back out there. If he does play, I'd go with Houston. I think this has the makings of an extremely close game. If not, it'll still be close, but Jerz will cover. Check back for an update a little later, I may change this pick. For now, I'm guessing McGrady is held out one more game. NJ 84-80

-The Hornets have been off since Wednesday while the Mavs were in Charlotte last night. I'm sticking to my guns about NO/OKC giving teams headaches at an ovatious Ford Center. The Mavs beat the Hornets 4 times last season, so I think they'll pull this one out, but it's not going to be easy. DAL 92-89

-Like I said yesterday, I think Indiana is about to go on a real roll. IND 102-96

-I think I've taken the Jazz every single game this season. Whatever. Doesn't it seem like Chicago can't beat anyone by more than a few points right now? CHI 93-90

-The game of the night takes place at America West Arena where the hi-octane Warriors square off with the super hi-octane Suns. This will likely be a game of runs (as all Phoenix games have been this season) which makes this 7-point spread tricky. It could very well be a close, back-and-forth game, but the eventul winner might cover by a few. I think the Warriors are the better defensive team right now and showed me last week than they can win on the road. Look for a statement win from the Warriors, as the Suns continue to stay winless at home. GS 119-114


At 10:37 PM, Blogger asdf said...

Hey guys, I don't know if you read the Mighty MJD, but he recently compiled a list of the top PG's in the game. if you want to check it out.

anyways, being that you guys study the NBA pretty closely, I'd like to see what your guys list looked like. just an idea for a future post.

At 1:17 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Thats what you get for not relying on the Rockets. TMAC's BACK BABY!!!! OHH YEA :)
sorry i had to gloat just once ;)

At 1:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, Tmac's 4th quater, ouch.

Hey by the way nice piece the other day on the KG trade possibilities.

How about a piece on the Marbury situation, I mean he WILL be traded soon enough. What do you guys think?

Man i need to register a blog, im sick of posting as an anonymous!! Youre right it is a cop out.

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous LBJ=Cavalier4Life said...

just wanted to ask you guys you people hate the cavs? seriously? absolutely no love here. just wait till hughes starts popping, him and lebron are going to be s-c-a-r-y. end of discussion.


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