Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday's Picks

November 13, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks

Last Night: (5-3), Week: (25-18), Season: (55-33)

  • TORONTO -3.5 over Seattle
  • ORLANDO +6.5 over Cleveland
  • BOSTON PK over Houston
  • PHILADELPHIA -2.5 over LA Clippers
  • Minnesota +6 over DENVER
  • New York +7 over SACRAMENTO **LOCK**

--Can't really comment on the TOR/SEA game now that it's already underway...

--It's not that I don't like Cleveland here, it's just that they've been DOMINATING lately and are do for a rough afternoon. Plus, Orlando is playing inspired basketball as of late and should continue that trend at home. CLE 100-96

--Houston played great last night, Celtics played like shit against the Spurs on Friday. Seems too easy to take the Rockets. BOS 105-101

--I don't like this Sixers-Clippers line one bit, but I'll take the home squad to cover that 2.5. I don't think the Clippers are as good as the basketball they displayed earlier this year. The Sixers on the other hand, are just starting to realize their potential and defeat their weaker opponents. PHI 99-90

--With Carmelo's skirt remaining on, I take Minnesota plus the points. MIN 98-96

--Knicks HAVE TO win tonight, or else...NYK 104-100


    Paul's Picks:

    Last Night: (2-6); Week: (20-23), Season: (43-45)

    • TORONTO +3.5 over Seattle
    • ORLANDO +6.5 over Cleveland *LOCK*
    • Houston PK over BOSTON
    • Clippers +2.5 over PHILADELPHIA
    • Minnesota +6 over DENVER
    • New York +7 over SACRAMENTO

    -First of all, fuck last night. 3 bullshit losses-- if I had a chance I would have taken Houston with T-Mac as I stated in my post; Miami was obviously paid off seeing as they had a 26 point lead going into the 4th and then mysteriously allowed Charlotte to cover by half a point; and a 30-foot bomb from Mo Williams at the buzzer? Come the fuck on!

    -Finally, a match-up the Raptors might be able to handle. Toronto has been getting killed by opposing big men-- I'm not sure Johan Petro, Vitaly Potapenko, and Mikki Moore will cause much damage. Also consider that home underdogs are shockingly 6-21 this year. That trend won't continue much longer with teams settling in a bit. TOR 96-92

    -Could be a rough day in Boston. I got the Pats winning, too. HOU 100-92

    -That dude is right-- no love from Cleveland here, at least not yet. What'd they go, 13-28 on the road last year? Show me something. These blowout wins at home are deceiving because in order to be considered an elite team in the NBA, you have to win on the road. I don't care if it's by 2 or 22, just start winning. ORL 103-100

    -There's not a soul on the Clippers that can slow down Allen Iverson. So why am I picking the Clip show? Two full days off to think about what it's going to take to knock off a team that just beat their evil step brother, the Lakers. If there's any team searching for pride and respect right now, it's the Clippers. A-men! LAC 95-90

    -The Wolves and Nuggets absolutely hate one another. That usually means two somewhat evenly-matched teams come out with a little extra, playing the game at an almost-personal level. The result-- a very close game (3 meetings decided by 6 or less last year). DEN 93-92

    -The Knicks are going to start taking steps forwards, not backwards. I think the Kings are a ripe opponent for their first upset. NYK 91-90


    At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    what happened to this site? i first noticed this site in Sept and started to check it daily b/c of the funny writing about nba issues. Now it's like some las vegas favourite site. Unfortunately I don't care who you pick to win games. Write about funny Basketball stuff...notice how this is the first comment? there's a reason why.

    At 1:55 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

    Hey, calm down buddy. We had a slow seven days, hence the lack of "funny articles". But no matter how bogged down we are with our other work, we always try and get our picks up so that the site has something new every day. Sorry we can't pump out "funny articles" every day man, trust me we're trying our best.


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