Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday's Picks

Ant expects a yawner tonight for San Antone vs. Houston

November 17, 2005

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Ant's Picks

Last Night: (3-5); Week: (11-11); Season: (69-47)
  • Washington +4 over MINNESOTA
  • DALLAS -14 over Atlanta
  • SAN ANTONIO -8 over Houston

--Washington is too tough of a team to lose back-to-back games. And I don't buy it that Trento Hassell can contain Gilbert Arenas. Expect a nail-biter WAS 96-93

--Atlanta sucks. DAL 307-86

--Part of me feels like the Spurs just wait for good competition to give it their all. They let the Hawks torch them in the 1st quarter the other night until Gregg Popovich was like, "Haha, arright guys, c'mon stop fuckin' with them. They might actually think they have a shot here (Sound of the Spurs' bench roaring in laughter). SA went on the win that game effortlessly by 24. Expect an ass whooping tonight as well for I don't feel JVG's team is quite where he'd like them to be. SAN 102-89


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (3-5); Week: (15-7); Season: (59-57)

  • MINNESOTA -4 over Washington
  • DALLAS -14 over Atlanta
  • Houston +8 over SAN ANTONIO

--The Wolves have owned the Wiz at the Target Center in recent years-- taking 8 of 10 and not having lost since their meeting in 2000. Look for KG to step up with a monster game on national television tonight. MIN 94-88

--Atlanta blows. DAL 109-86

--Houston has lost 15 straight at San Antonio, including their last 5 by 9+ points. Yet for some reason I'm confident they're going to make this a close game tonight. This is a chance for the Rockets to make a statement, to show that the Spurs aren't going to simply run away with the West. Couple that with San Antonio's beat-up bench and I'm expecting a good game. SAN 91-89


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