Tuesday, November 22, 2005

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November 22, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (1-3); Week: (1-3); Season: (85-64)

  • CLEVELAND -9 over Boston
  • WASHINGTON -3.5 over Denver
  • Portland +10 over MEMPHIS
  • Houston +10 over DALLAS
  • PHOENIX -9 over Toronto
  • SEATTLE -9.5 over Utah

--Last night was pretty sweet. I think I'm figuring out what's going on though, so bare with me.

--Cleveland is winning by an average of 20+ at home. Boston STINKS on the road. LeBron hates the Celtics and makes it his job to piss on them. Cavs in a romp. CLE 118-102

--Washington is currently 3-1 at home including a blowout victory over San Antone. Denver on the other hand, is jusy 1-4 on the road. Also, expect the Wizards to be hungry after their abysmal road trip (0-3). WAS 102-95

--Memphis just had a "what the fuck just happened" game at Denver and who better to beat up on than the Blazers? Too bad Nate McMillan doesn't allow too many teams to walk all over him. I see the Blazers getting back on track tonight after their let down game in New York. MEM 91-89

--Okay, Dallas just DESTROYED the Pistons. Houston is without T-Mac, again, so the easy pick here is the Mavs, right. Well that's what I think is going on with these lines this week. See the easy pick, take the opposite.

--Here's another case of the flip-flop theory. Phoenix has been playing some of their worst basketball in over a year and the Raptors are coming off their emotional 1st win of the year. All signs point to Toronto covering, that's why I'm sticking with the Suns. PHX 109-96

--Finally, the easiest pick of the night. Seattle has been playing decent basketball, but we couldn't really say that with confidence until they beat Sacto on Sunday. Utah just smoked the Bucks, so 10 points seems pretty outrageous, right? Wrong. Sonics will blow the Jazz out of the water, even though the game is scheduled to be played on land. You get the point. SEA 104-87


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (0-4); Week: (0-4); Season: (72-77)
  • CLEVELAND -9 over Boston
  • MEMPHIS -10 over Portland
  • Toronto +9.5 over PHOENIX - Boris Diaw Questionable
  • WASHINGTON -3.5 over Denver - *LOCK*
  • Houston +10 over DALLAS - Tracy McGrady Doubtful
  • SEATTLE -9.5 over Utah

--I've lost my analysis rights once again. I'll be back tomorrow after a 5-1 performance tonight though...


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At 9:23 AM, Blogger HeadyNuggets said...

RF get your head out of your poopcave and quit leaving posts...

Also, whats up with your boy Josh Boone??? Is he going for the Rebecca Lobo look??? Seriously, Geno should suit him up like its Ladybugs...


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