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Wednesday's Picks

Yikes, this looks like 2 junior high kids going in for their first kiss

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Week: (2-2), Season: (2-2)
  • CLEVELAND -12 over New Orleans/Oklahoma City
  • Indiana -6 over ORLANDO
  • Washington -2 over TORONTO
  • BOSTON -3 over New York
  • NEW JERSEY -8 over Milwaukee
  • DETROIT -8 over Philadelphia
  • MINNESOTA -11 over Portland
  • Miami -6 over MEMPHIS
  • Charlotte +9 over CHICAGO--LOCK
  • Sacramento +7.5 over HOUSTON
  • UTAH +4 over Dallas
  • LA Clippers +7 over SEATTLE
  • LA Lakers +7 over DENVER
  • GOLDEN STATE -13 over Atlanta

-How easy would it be to say, "Damn, the Hornets punded Sactown last night--they can't cover 12 @CLE?" That's exactly what Vegas what's you to ponder. CLE 105, NOR 88.

-Orlando is still without Grant Hill and I think their big men will do a nice job on Dwight Howard. IND 97, ORL 90.

-This Washington line seems way too low and thus extremely fishy, but I'm going with the Wiz anyway. WAS 101, TOR 96.

-Gotta take my C's at home against a Knicks team they dominate. BOS 104, NYK 99.

-Milwaukee's going to beat beat after their overtime victory in Philly last night. A hungry NJ squad will be waiting. NJN 99, MIL 89.

-Same goes for Philly...DET 102, PHI 88.

-I just don't see Portland covering many spreads this season. MIN 106, POR 92.

-Memphis is no match for Miami, especially on opening night. MIA 105, MEM 94.

-Chicago's frontline should be up for a huge challenge against Okafor, Brezec, and May. "Cats should have no problem covering and may even win. CHI 93, CHA 91.

-No reason at all to take the Kings tonight, so I did. HOU 97, SAC 92.

-Utah will win this game with Dallas undoubtedly exhausted after 2 OTs last night. UTH 99, DAL 94.

-Clips should have no trouble covering 7 and could even beat this Sonics squad. LAC 102, SEA 100.

-Lakers are better than people think especially playing a team that got beat up in San Antonio last night. DEN 96, LAL 93.

-Finally, I think the Warriors come out smokin' tonight and take care of the young Hawks. GSW 108, ATL 92.


Paul's Picks:

Week: (1-3), Season: (1-3)

  • New Orleans/Oklahoma City +12 over CLEVELAND
  • ORLANDO +7.5 over Indiana
  • Washington -2 over TORONTO
  • BOSTON -3 over New York
  • Milwaukee +8.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • DETROIT -8 over Philadelphia
  • Portland +11 over MINNESOTA
  • MEMPHIS +6 over Miami
  • Charlotte +9 over CHICAGO
  • Sacramento +7.5 over HOUSTON
  • UTAH +4 over Dallas
  • SEATTLE -6 over LA Clippers
  • DENVER -6.5 over LA Lakers
  • GOLDEN STATE -11.5 over Atlanta

I’m still a little pissed about last night. Philadelphia and Phoenix both totally choked on me (Phoenix twice in one fucking game!)—at home in front of raucous crowds! And on top of that, the only two games I would have considered playing were the NO and Phoenix games. Oh, well. I think after tonight I’m going to change back to the way we were doing things in the second half of last year when we only posted our picks for the games we actually felt good about. But for tonight, I’m going to enjoy watching all 14 of my picks play out.

You guys are probably wondering why some of our lines are completely different. I don’t know where the hell Ant is getting his lines from, but I’m going off Wagerline as of 4:30 PM. And if the line he has favors me, I’m taking his line. Hey, if I were throwing money down, I’d take the ideal line too. Wouldn’t you?

-Indiana will beat the Magic tonight, but to go into Orlando and win by 8 points, I’ll take the home team to cover. New Orleans’ win last night was a fluke, but only because they gave the Kings a good ole’ fashioned ass-whooping. Byron Scott had this team competing all last year despite being stuck in the sewer. With grunts like P.J. Brown and Chris Andersen guarding the basket, they won’t let teams score easily on them. Look for them to cover tonight by a little.

-Washington was pretty awful on the road last year, yet I still like them to beat the Raptors. Hey, if Maccabi Tel-Aviv could go into the Air Canada Centre and beat the Raptors, then I’m going to pick every single NBA team to beat them there until they prove me wrong.

-Milwaukee is going to be good and largely because T.J. Ford is a lot better than I remembered. If you got League Pass or Yes, watch that game tonight. The Bucks are going to be a very difficult team to stop offensively because nobody in the league is going to be able to stop Ford’s penetration. With great shooters and strong finishers on that team, he could end up challenging Kidd and Nash for the assists title. Bucks cover tonight.

-It’s going to take a little while for the Knicks to gel under LB. I like the young Celts to be a tough team to beat at TD Bank North Garden (that’s right…how gross is that?!) this season. Celts win by 8.

-I’ve been saying it all summer long—Mike Fratello is a much better coach than people give him credit for. He’s going to have his team ready for Miami tonight, even with the team having absolutely no answer for Shaq. The Grizz will topple the Heat tonight.

-I’m torn on this Detroit/Philly line. Ultimately I just can’t see the Sixers’ frontline of C-Webb and Hunter providing any test for the Wallace Bros. and co. Wouldn’t surprise me if Philly covered, but I’m going with the Pistons here simply because I don’t think there’s any chance they lose.

-Minnesota couldn’t beat ANYONE by more than a handful last year. Portland sucks, but they’ll cover.

-Remember how tough Charlotte played everyone last season? Expect more of the same this year as they fight Chicago to the death tonight.

-I’m a little concerned about Sacramento, but last night’s loss was more of a fluke than anything else. If they don’t show a little fight tonight, I think the countdown to Rick Adelman’s firing begins.

-Love the Jazz tonight. The line seems a bit shady but that’s largely because Boozer is out. Jazz will win this one for Sloan who aiming to tie Bill Fitch on the all-time coaching list, and for their fans, who were subject to the Jazz’s worst performance in 23 years last season.

-Seattle will exact revenge on the Clippers after last season’s opening night debacle at Staples. Clips are always brutal on the road and Key Arena is one of the toughest arenas to play in.

-My Warriors are going to hang a buck ten on the lowly Hawks tonight. Warriors win by 20+.

-Denver didn’t play that bad last night and still lost to the Spurs, who coincidentally didn’t play that well. San Antonio is downright scary. I expected Finley to be a nice fit for that team, but to play like that his first game? Yeesh. Everyone in the West must be nervous. Lakers frontline won’t be able to contain a fierce Nuggets attack tonight.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger c-los said...

nice pics...u guys should have made some money

At 1:14 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

C-Los, putting up picks here and betting couldn't be more different. Here, I don't factor in money, just pick from the gut. With my money on the line it takes me 25 minutes per game to decide. I honestly think the NBA is the easiest sport to bet on however. Good luck this year.


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