Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday's Picks

I can understand the frustration of Shareef Abdur-Rahim (who appears destined to miss the Playoffs every year) and Mike Bibby (in a span of 4 games, he's made it abundantly clear that he's not the right guy to lead the team), but what the hell is Jason Hart so upset about? He was on the fucking Bobcats last year!

November 9, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (4-1); Week: (7-3); Season: (37-18)

  • WASHINGTON -3.5 over Clippers *Caron Butler Playing*
  • CLEVELAND -8 over Seattle
  • PHILADELPHIA +4.5 over Dallas
  • San Antonio -8.5 over CHARLOTTE
  • Utah +6.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • Memphis +4 over BOSTON
  • Lakers +6 over MINNESOTA--**Lock**
  • INDIANA -6 over Miami
  • NO/OKC -4.5 over Orlando
  • Golden State +6 over CHICAGO
  • New York -1 over PORTLAND
  • DENVER -8 over Sacramento

No time for analysis, sorry...

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (3-2); Week: (6-4); Season: (29-26)

  • WASHINGTON -3.5 over Clippers *Caron Butler Playing*
  • Seattle +8 over CLEVELAND
  • Dallas -4.5 over PHILADELPHIA
  • San Antonio -8.5 over CHARLOTTE
  • Utah +6.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • Memphis +4 over BOSTON
  • Lakers +6 over MINNESOTA
  • Miami +6 over INDIANA
  • NO/OKC -4.5 over Orlando
  • Golden State +6 over CHICAGO
  • New York -1 over PORTLAND
  • Sacramento +8 over DENVER

--The LAC/WAS line was at 4.5, but has mysteriously dropped despite the majority taking the Wiz. For this reason, I'm tempted to side with Vegas and take the Clippers. However, the recent track record of Washington at home and the Clips on the road makes it hard for me to believe the Wizards lose this one, especially with Caron Butler back in the lineup. WAS 98-94

--The Sonics have won 9 of 10 in Cleveland including a 103-86 thrashing this past March. Seattle is struggling, there's no denying that, but their biggest problems have been on the offensive end and the Cavs are still a far cry from being a sound defensive team. Sonics will keep this one close. CLE 101-98

--Philly was 3-10 ATS spread last year in home games against the Western Conference. Ugh. Dallas has had plenty of time to prepare for the Sixers and should walk away from Wachovia with an easy victory. DAL 109-95

--It's time for Charlotte to step back into reality. They were bombed in two meetings with the Spurs last year and that's what tends to happen when two teams on entirely different levels meet up. It also doesn't help that Charlotte is banged up-- their entire starting five sat out practice yesterday with various bumps and bruises. SAN 102-87

--I really don't see the Jazz winning this game at New Jersey tonight. As good as this team is playing, I think New Jersey is on the verge of hitting a stride. They played very well the other night thanks to their non-stop attack of the rim (you see how many times Zo was posterized?). Nevertheless, I also don't see Utah giving this game away. Nets win, but it's close. NJ 94-91

--Noticing a trend in these games yet? 9 of the 12 games on tonight's slate feature an Eastern Conference team taking on a Western Conference foe. And I'm going to stick with the West here. Tough call on this game-- Memphis was 12-8 in the back-ends of games on consecutive days last year, while Boston was just 2-8 with 3+ days rest imbetween games. I like the Grizz to carry the momentum from last night's wallop over Seattle into tonight with a hard-fought win over Boston. MEM 101-100 (OT)

--It's hard to bet against the Lakers when Kobe Bryant is playing like this. LAL 102-98

--I'm going Ewing Theory on this one and taking the Heat to not only cover, but to win after losing a tough one to Indiana in Miami a week ago. MIA 97-95

--It's tough to pick NO/OKC to cover 4.5, but I really think the team is going to slug out a number of wins at the amped up Ford Center. I'm also guessing Orlando is bushed after duking it out in Houston tonight-- look for Steve Francis to struggle tonight. NO/OKC 88-82

--Something tells me Chicago isn't capabe of beating someone handily right now. I think Golden State is due for a let-down game, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll get smoked. CHI 95-90

--I really like LB to pick up his first win of the season tonight on the road in Portland. He's had ample time to prepare his team, and I think his guys will be playing with a lot less pressure on their shoulders than they have been at MSG. McMillan is a terrific game-planner, but how can he have any idea of what to expect from the Knicks at this point? Marbury steps it up big tonight and abuses his boy Telfair. NYK 87-80

--Sacramento and Denver are both really struggling right now. The Kings have no leadership and no identity, and the Nuggets aren't shooting the ball well and are playing with very little cohesiveness. I think it's a good chance for both clubs to rally together and get something going. Look for an exciting, close game at the Pepsi Center tonight. DEN 106-104


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous michael said...

i just want to compliment you guys on your handicapping skills so far this season. orlando and detroit made me some easy money last night. thanks.

At 10:47 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Hey Mike, thanks for jinxing us. I bet you're the guy who announces a no-hitter in the 7th. Just kidding man, thanks for the love. Everybody's due for an off-night once in a while...

At 12:59 PM, Anonymous michael said...

man, i considered that before commenting, but ultimately figured that a blogger would want recognition for a job well done. Fuck. my bad. if it makes you feel better, I lost with the spurs (manu, make those late game free throws!), the sonics, the wiz, the pacers and most definitely with the lakers (lock my ass).

fine, i take back every nice word i ever said about you guys. you have no business picking games. you couldn’t spot a winner if you were standing in the Spurs locker room (and in no way is this an attempt to reverse yesterday’s luck).


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