Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday's Picks

With more wrist bands than Modell's, Jermaine should be all smiles once again in Portland

December 2, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (0-2); Week: (9-16); Season: (116-100)

  • Milwaukee +6.5 over WASHINGTON
  • ATLANTA -3.5 over Toronto
  • BOSTON -1 over Chicago
  • DETROIT -11.5 over New York
  • Orlando +8 over MEMPHIS
  • Philadelphia -2.5 over NO/OKC
  • PHOENIX -6 over Denver
  • Indiana -6.5 over PORTLAND
  • Sacramento -3.5 over MIAMI
  • Charlotte +8 over GOLDEN STATE
  • Cleveland -3 over SEATTLE
  • Minnesota -2.5 over LAKERS

I'm slumping bad. Now I know how all the KC Royals must feel every June.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (1-1); Week: (16-9); Season: (114-102)

  • WASHINGTON -6.5 over Milwaukee - *Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons Questionable*
  • ATLANTA -3.5 over Toronto
  • Chicago +1 over BOSTON
  • New York +11.5 over DETROIT - *Eddy Curry, Quentin Richardson Questionable*
  • MEMPHIS -7.5 over Orlando - *Steve Francis Questionable*
  • Philadelphia -2.5 over NO/OKC
  • PHOENIX -6 over Denver - *Carmelo Anthony Questionable*
  • Indiana -6.5 over PORTLAND - *LOCK*
  • Sacramento -3.5 over MIAMI
  • Charlotte +8 over GOLDEN STATE
  • SEATTLE +3 over Cleveland
  • Minnesota -2.5 over LAKERS

--The Bucks are beat up with Redd and Simmons both iffy for tonight's contest at the MCI Center. Washington should be able to score at will against a Bucks team that has struggled defensively on the road. WAS 106-96

--Atlanta is a much better rebounding team and that should bode well for two defensively-challenged teams. More rebounds = more scoring opportunities. ATL 106-100

--Boston struggles against teams that can D up, so the Bulls should provide a tough test for them at TD North Bank Garden. Should be a close game-- tough to see the Bulls collapsing in the 4th as they did against NY two games in a row. CHI 93-90

--Everyone is expecting the Pistons to completely destroy the Knicks tonight given their desire to stick it to Larry Brown like he did to the entire Pistons organization. But don't underestimate LB as a game-planner-- he knows this Pistons club very well and should be able to work his magic against them by keeping this game fairly close. Knicks might even have a shot at winning if Eddy Curry suits up. DET 93-88

--Stevie Francis wasn't at this morning's shootaround and may not play tonight--that could be a problem for a Magic team that has struggled to score. Memphis has been been able to clamp down on offensively-challenged teams all season so tonight should be no different. MEM 85-71

--After dropping 5 of 7, the 76ers come into tonight's game knowing they need another win, especially considering they have a date with the defending champs tomorrow in San Antonio. Sixers manhandled the Hornets only a week ago with Chris Paul and David West being unable to handle AI and C-Webb defensively. That will be the difference in this game. PHI 100-92

--Nuggets are 0-3 in games George Karl has been suspended, so their prospects aren't looking so hot tonight, especially considering they may be without both Carmelo Anthony (ankle) and Voshon Lenard (suspended) against a hi-octane offensive attack. Suns will look to push, push, push against a Denver team that may find scoring a difficult task. PHX 104-91

--You have to love two things in the Pacers favor tonight against Portland-- 1- They're coming off a loss and that's never good for opponents when you're dealing with an intense, well-coached team; and 2- If Portland couldn't eclipse 90 against Washington, Philadelphia, or Atlanta, they're going to have a difficult time scoring against Indiana tonight. IND 85-66

--The Heat have had it too easy the past couple games with blowout victories over the Knicks and Hawks, so they might be a bit overwhelmed when Sacramento comes out gunning on them. Kings also have the luxury of a day off before hosting Minnesota on Sunday, so Rick Adelman probably won't hesitate to play his starters heavy minutes while Stan Van Gundy has to worry about playing in Denver on Saturday. SAC 103-90

--The Warriors have been cruising as of late so this line seems a little low considering Charlotte has been struggling on this West Coast trip. Look for a Golden State let-down and for the Bobcats to rebound after a day off. GS 104-101

--I still don't trust the Cavaliers on the road, especially in one of the NBA's tougher arenas to play in. Seattle hosed Cleveland in both meetings last season before getting spanked a month ago at 'The Q'-- something tells me the Sonics will be looking to exact a little revenge this evening on ESPN. SEA 109-103

--Lakers should be a little tired after flying back from Utah after an overtime game. Dwane Casey will be sure to apply the defensive pressure in order to coax Kobe and Lamar into another rough shooting night, just as Utah did last night. The difference is, Minnesota's offense isn't atrocious. MIN 95-91


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