Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday's Picks

This appears to be a man trying to squeeze out a word that begins with the letter 'f'. While it could be Frye, friend, flower, fondu, or even festivus, my guess is that it was a big fat FUCK! Chill larry, your boys will get the W tonight in Atlanta.

December 14, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (0-2) Week: (13-11); Month: (53-58); Season: (165-149)

  • New York -1 over ATLANTA
  • Utah +6 over INDIANA
  • Golden State -4.5 over TORONTO
  • Denver +4.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • BOSTON -3 over Milwaukee
  • Chicago +8.5 over DETROIT
  • Phoenix -4.5 over NEW ORLEANS
  • PHILADELPHIA +2.5 over Miami
  • DALLAS -7.5 over Orlando
  • PORTLAND +4 over Seattle
  • Washington +5.5 over LAKERS

--New York is desperate for a win right now. I thought Larry Brown was going to burst into tears the other night after their awful showing vs. ORL. Tonight's contest is much more important for the Knicks, thus I give LB and co. a nail-biting victory. NYK 101-98

--Indiana Is struggling with this whole Ron Artest saga. Also, I think Utah is getting back on stride with AK-47 back in the starting lineup and returning to his nasty self. Utah wins. UTH 98-92

--Golden State is way too high-powered to not blow out the Raps tonight. Plus, since when does Toronto think they can hang in almost every game they've played in the last few weeks? Just roll over and die fellas, c'mon. GSW 107-95

--Denver is much better than they showed last night. Add to it that New Jersey is having majority identity problems and are in desperate need of a solid low-post player, and I smell a Nuggets W. DEN 98-96

--This was a tough one for me, but I'm not going against my Celts tonight. Milwaukee has been struggling lately, particularly due to their bigs playing like garbage. The C's on the other hand, have been getting very solid play out of Mark Blount and Al Jefferson. Expect those guys to turn around this game and lead the Celts to their first back-to-back victories this season. BOS 107-101

--This Bulls-Pistons game is a toss up. We have no clue is Chandler is a go, but I'm taking the points anyway. DET 98-92.

--Is it just me or is Phoenix due for a big game? Ever since they rattled off that huge winning streak they have fallen hard back down to earth. Their loss against the Mavs the other night on national tv should have them pumped for a better showing tonight. PHX 109-98

--This Miami line seems way to easy. I like the Sixers to win by a hair. PHI 101-100

--Orlando will still be looking to integrate Grant Hill back in the flow of things and in the mean time get caught with their pants down tonight in Big D. In getting Josh Howard back, the Mavs are back at full strength and should get back to blowing out opponents at home. It starts tonight with the Magic. DAL 103-88

--Seattle looked like dung last night. Portland has been playing tough every night since their 45-point loss to the Suns. Blazers in a squeaker. POR 95-94

--Finally, the Lakers have been playing really good basketball of late and are certainly due for a let down game of sorts. Washington gets Gilbert Arenas back who will have no problem trading 40-point nights with Kobe. Lake show holds on, barely. LAL 103-101

Good Luck

PS-I've received quite a few emails today from people offering their help on the site. I will certainly take the time to delve through your submissions and do my best to come up with some decisions. For any of you who haven't gotten around to writing an email, please do it fast. Also, it would help if you could submit some of your work so I know your working at higher than a 2nd grade reading level. Thanks, Anthony


At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Curtis said...

Thanks for not allowing me to make more picks, Ant! Don't be upset because I beat your ass on Wednesday. In case you guys were wondering, I'm a friend of both Paul and Anthony's and I've been trying to get both of them to allow me to make picks ever since last season. I did alright last year in the picks challenge, so Ant felt I proved myself enough to go to work and take Paul's place temporarily. I understand where Ant is coming from, so I encourage you guys to help him out and start the picks challenge this year like we did last year. I'm going to post my picks on the comments for fun. Here they are in case you're interested...

New York -1 over ATLANTA
Utah +6 over INDIANA
Golden State -4.5 over TORONTO
NEW JERSEY -4.5 over Denver
Milwaukee +3 over BOSTON
DETROIT -8.5 over Chicago
Phoenix -4.5 over NO/OKC
PHILADELPHIA +2.5 over Miami
DALLAS -7.5 over Orlando
PORTLAND +4 over Seattle
Washington +5.5 over LAKERS


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