Monday, December 12, 2005

Stan Van Can't Handle the Heat

Yeah, something sure smells fishy Stan

The Associated Press is reporting that Miami Heat Coach Stan Van Gundy has resigned this morning, citing family reasons. A news conference has been called for 11 A.M. to announce the resignation along with the team's replacement coach.

The Source's Take: Leading the team to a mediocre 11-10 record thus far (albeit with Shaquille O'Neal on the sidelines), one has to imagine that SVG's "family reasons" excuse is just a cover up for, "Fuckin' Pat Riley doesn't think I can get it done and wants to return to coaching, so I'm shit out of luck". If you are naive enough to think that this isn't a political move to get Riles back on the sidelines, you are sadly mistaken. Get the tub of grecian ready baby, Pat Riley's back!

Note: Unfortunately this brings a sad ending to our continuous run of Ron Jeremy jokes here at the Source. Now, if Matt Bonner, Ben Handlogten, and Adam Chubb all quit the game of basketball, we'll officially have to pack it up.


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