Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tuesday's Picks

If this doesn't make you smile, just kill yourself

December 6, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Ant's Picks:

Last Night: (2-2); Week: (2-2); Month: (20-23); Season: (132-114)

  • WASHINGTON -8 over Toronto
  • INDIANA -5 over Dallas
  • New Orleans +8.5 over MEMPHIS
  • MILWAUKEE -5 over Lakers
  • Boston +7 over HOUSTON
  • Atlanta +12.5 over DENVER
  • PHOENIX -13.5 over Portland
  • SACRAMENTO +1.5 over Cleveland
  • New York +6 over SEATTLE

--Coming off two straight wins, one of the easier picks of the night seems to be Toronto +8. And why is Washington still getting these ridiculously favorable lines? Nothing about this line makes any sense to me, so I'll go away from the common sense pick and take the Wiz. WAS 104-90

--If Dirk didn't elbow Hinrich in the face last night, there's a good chance the Bulls would have gotten the W. Dallas has no chance playing a back-to-back at Indy and still without Josh Howard. IND 102-93

--I'd take New Orleans +8.5 over just about anyone at this point. MEM 96-93

--In their last two contests, the Lakers blew a huge lead to the Wolves and then barely hung on to down the 'Cats. They just aren't a very good basketball team at this point, unlike the Bucks. Milwaukee is one of the best home teams in the league and they'll strut their stuff tonight. Expect Simmons back to D-up Mamba. MIL 107-99

--The only big man in the league softer than Mark Blount is Yao. That translates to a Celtics W. BOS 107-102

--Atlanta has been beating themselves up over Sunday's disasterous loss in Phoenix and I fully expect them to put in a solid effort at Denver. Plus, Melo's ankle injury and recent fine could be very distracting for the skirt wearer. DEN 97-90

--The only player holding Portland together was Darius Miles. With him out anywhere from 1 game-7 years (good luck trying to find a diagnosis on this guy), the Blazers are toast. In addition, no team is hotter than Phoenix right now. Suns in a romp. PHX 117-89

--Cleveland is a completely different team on the road, especially at the end of a dreadful Western Conference trip. Sacramento is hungry after dropping their last 3 and will send the Cavs home reeling. SAC 108-101

--Strangest line of the night here. New York should be getting at least 7.5-8 here. They just lost at home to the Celtics while the Sonics beat up on the cavs and Pacers. You got me with this one. SEA 98-96.


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (0-4); Week: (0-4); Month: (22-21); Season: (128-118)

  • Toronto +8 over WASHINGTON - *Mike James Probable*
  • INDIANA -5 over Dallas - *Jason Terry, Jamaal Tinsley Questionable*
  • New Orleans/Oklahoma City +8.5 over MEMPHIS
  • Lakers +5 over MILWAUKEE - *Bobby Simmons Questionable*
  • Boston +7 over HOUSTON
  • PHOENIX -13.5 over Portland
  • DENVER -12.5 over Atlanta
  • New York +6 over SEATTLE
  • SACRAMENTO +1.5 over Cleveland

--The Raptors are playing with a lot of confidence right now after knocking off the Hawks and Nets on the road in consecutive nights. The Wizards meanwhile haven't beaten an opponent by more than 8 points since November 12th. WAS 103-97

--The Pacers have given the Mavericks fits at Conseco Fieldhouse throughout the years and will likely be thrilled to be back at home after spending the last 9 days on the road. IND 93-87

--The Grizzlies can't be this good, can they? Nah. They'll win tonight, but the Hornets have proven to be a tricky team to blow out. Also consider that the Bees absolutely blew last year and they played the Grizz tough all 4 times out. MEM 90-84

--With the way the season has gone thus far, the Bucks seem like an easy pick to cover 5 at the Bradley Center against the Lakers-- almost too easy. But the Lakers have had the Bucks' number recently, taking 8 straight against Milwaukee. LAL 101-100

--The Celtics are scoring at will against everybody, thanks to the outstanding play of Paul Pierce who's playing the best basketball of his career. Rivers will come out with the same gameplan as he did last month in their blowout win over the Rockets-- run, shoot, and run and shoot some more. If the Celtics have an average shooting night, they'll win the game. BOS 98-94

--The Blazers are in trouble as they meet up with the Suns in Phoenix. With Darius Miles out, where is the scoring going to come from? That's going to be a major issue as they go up against a team that scores 100+ almost every night out. PHX 105-84

--The Nuggets need this kind of game against the Hawks to get rolling at home again. Atlanta has been awful as of late. DEN 106-91

--Upset of the night-- Larry Brown will have his guys ready for the opener of a 3-game West Coast swing against a predictable Seattle attack. NYK 101-95

--Sacramento has taken the last 9 from Cleveland, including two blowout victories last year in which they scored an average of 125.5 points. The Cavs defense still sucks-- look for the Kings to bury them in a high-scoring affair. SAC 112-102


At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Chia said...

Why not do a entry on big names free agents out in the market right now? and some ex-nba players(all stars)

At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you guys called it. the suns demolished the blazers tonight.

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Mavs can handle Hinrich and the Bulls any time and anywhere...


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