Friday, January 06, 2006

Artest Trade?

The Pacers have just cut Samaki Walker. Is this a prelude to an Artest deal? Keep it right here for updates throughout the day.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's the article, amigo?

At 10:47 PM, Anonymous Who Could This Be? said...

Walker was dropped because players whose contracts are not guaranteed must be waived by January 10th unless their respective team wants to guarantee their contract for the rest of the season. Walker barely plays for Indiana and he sucks, so why would Indiana ensure that his contract be guaranteed? There's a chance that they re-sign him after January 10th.

I don't see Artest being traded until the 11th hour near the trade deadline. Donnie Walsh has held out this long, so he's obviously in no rush to make a deal. Plus he knows Indiana isn't really going anywhere as far as their Playoff position-- is it worth rushing a deal so Indiana can get the 4 instead of the 5? I don't think so. Look for Walsh to wait it out as teams become more desperate and the offers become more enticing.

Some potential deals that may gain momentum as we inch towards the March deadline--

Sacramento-- believe it or not, but this team is almost done. They're in the thick of their easiest part of the schedule and if they can't climb out around .500, it's time to start packing it in. Is it conceivable that the Maloofs abandon ship by throwing Adelman overboard and sending off Peja, Abdur-Rahim, Bibby, hell perhaps anyone? I don't think so. I can picture the Maloofs pulling the trigger on a mega deal that will change the look of the team. Artest is someone that will immediately give the team a new look.

Dallas- I don't care what they're saying, this team is a Ron Artest away from providing a serious challenge to San Antonio. Does anyone actually believe they can beat the Spurs with the team they have? No. I don't think they do either. Cuban has a plethora of tradeable assets and I firmly believe they'll make a big time move. Artest would be an ideal fit and I think if Cuban is willing to part with Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels, the Pacers would readily accept. But the risk is obviously there, especially considering Harris has star potential. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

Knicks-- I still wouldn't count Isiah out. 20 games from now, we'll know even more about this rookie class, especially with Lee, Robinson, and Frye playing big time minutes. Why hasn't anyone mentioned the fact that it's very well possible that LB has agreed to play his rookies to both evaluate them and showcase them. LB knows what he's looking for-- if those 3 don't show him what he wants, I think he's got Isiah's back for a trade. While I don't think the Knicks are in a huge rush right now, let's face it-- they're not exactly in all-out rebuilding mode. Not with LB as coach, not in New York City. Keep on eye on the Frye/Hardaway package...

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Hoopdaritis said...

YEAH RIGHT there won't be a trade with Dallas ubless it's a three way deal and I sure not belive there is anything the big D has to offer


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