Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fantasy Cup o' Joe

A Recap of Tuesday Night’s Top Performances:

Best Overall Performance

Carmelo Anthony (DEN), 43 P, 11 R, 3 S, 2 B, 15-31 FG, 13-14 FT
Not to mention the game-winning shot with 2.9 ticks left with gauze in his nose after getting a knee to the face from teammate Eduardo Najera. This showing pretty much sealed the deal on his first All-Star selection.

Other solid showings:


Earl Boykins (DEN)
33 P, 8 A, 1 S, 1 B, 3 threes, 8-9 FT
--Don't read too much into this, it was a 3-OT game

Steve Nash (PHX)
26 P, 13 A, 1 S, 47.6 FG%, 5 threes
--See Earl Boykins

Brevin Knight (CHA)
15 P, 18 A, 1 S
--Yet another overtime afair, this one a double

Delonte West (BOS)
15 P, 8 R, 7 A, 2 S, 5-8 FG
--Quietly emerging into an all-around fantasy stud

Rafer Alston (HOU)
20 P, 10 A, 2 S, 4 threes
--Has been excellent since returning from injury

Marko Jaric (MIN)
21 P, 6 A, 2 S, 8-11 FG
--Since KG's not doing much, someone has to


Jamal Crawford (NYK)
26 P, 10 R, 4 A
--Still coming off the bench so be careful

Rip Hamilton (DET)
30 P, 5 R, 12-21 FG, 6-6 FT
--Pretty typical from my boy from UConn

Vince Carter (NJN)
34 P, 6 R, 5 A, 1 B, 3 threes, 9-11 FT
--Has been doing this pretty much every night during their winning streak

Raja Bell (PHX)
30 P, 6 A, 10-19 FG, 8 threes
--3-OT game, but still a promising performance


LeBron James (CLE)
36 P, 7 R, 7 A, 1 B, 0-7 from 3
--First player to achieve 35-7-7 for 5 straight games since Oscar Robertson

Gerald Wallace (CHA)
26 P, 14 R, 3 S, 4 B, 9-15 FG, 8-9 FT
--Best all-around fantasy player?

Mike Miller (MEM)
21 P, 10 R, 10 A, 2 S, 1 B, 4 threes
--Quietly having a really nice year


Juwan Howard (HOU)
28 P, 12 R, 1 S, 13-26 FG
--With Yao and T-Mac out, someone has to step up

Tim Duncan (SAS)
27 P, 12 R, 1 B, 13-15 FT

Shawn Marion (PHX)
28 P, 15 R, 1 S, 1 B, 13-25 FG
--Nice 3-OT showing from the Matrix


Jameer Nelson (ORL)
40 mins, 18 P, 5 A, 1 S, 2-5 from 3, 4-5 FT
--Who knows how long Grant Hill will be out and it looks like Nelson will remain the starter while he is sidelined

Eduardo Najera (DEN)
13 P, 9 R, 2 S, 2 B, 6-8 FG
--With Camby out and Kenyon Martin seemingly missing every other game, Najera has been picking up their slack


Sorry Okafor owners, down went the big man again...Same ankle, too

Let me know if this is helpful to any of you...write me a post either way...


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was helpful and i enjoyed looking through. Tripple double more Mike Miller, never thought id see the day. Mike James should get some talk about a potential buy too.


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