Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts: Wednesday's NBA Action

I must admit, I haven’t missed a Cavs-Nuggets game since the birth of the LeBron-‘Melo rivalry in 2003. Who would? These two were supposed to be the modern day Jordan and Bird right? Well last night LBJ and Carmelo reminded me more of Marty Conlon and Joe Wolf. In case you missed it, this was one of the worst Nationally televised games of the season, evidenced by Kenyon Martin somehow pulling down 17 boards with Manute Bol’s knees. The defense wasn’t anything to email home about, yet the final score somehow showed a 90-89 ball game. Oh yeah, and that James-Anthony showdown, well let’s just say if I paid money to attend this game I wouldn’t be pinning the ticket stub on my bulletin board.

See most of you would look at this morning’s boxscore and say, “Dang, LeBron was just one assist shy of a triple-double”. But what I see is much more evident of what truly went down last night: 7-20 FG, 8-15 FT, and 5 personals. And to add to it, one of those bricks from the charity stripe just so happened to come with 0.8 seconds left and a chance to tie the game. Now I know he’s just 21 years old and it may be too early in his career to get on his case, but c’mon man, there’s no way MJ misses that. All these Jordan comparisons make me sick because all I see in common thus far is the #23. Even before that miss the Cavs were down 3 with just under 10 seconds to go. The ball somehow got tip out to James who had a wide-open 3 thanks to an unintentional Eric Snow screen. So what did he do? That’s right, passed it over to Sasha Pavlovic instead. SASHA PAVLOVIC! Nevermind why that guy is even on the court during crunch time, why the hell is LeBron not taking that shot? Doesn’t every superstar want the game-tying/winning shot to be his no matter what? Well, maybe James knew he was just 2-11 in taking those particular attempts this season and wanted to share some of the pressure with his boy Sasha. Whatever the case might have been, there’s absolutely no reason why LeBron shouldn’t have taken that shot and later, missed that game-tying free-throw. MJ never did things like that and until James learns from these crucial mistakes, let cut it out with all the comparisons. Thanks.

After popping a few Tylenol Cold & Sinus pills around 10 PM, let’s just say I wasn’t in any shape to be paying pinpoint attention to anything. So when Antonio Davis mysteriously charged into the stands at the Untied Center, I initially thought I had unknowingly fallen asleep and dreamt the whole thing. Then I did that whole wipe the eyes thing (like that really wakes you up) and realized this was really happening. Was Davis’ wife getting raped in the stands? Was someone stabbing her? Did she pull a Jessie Spano and start ripping all her clothes off unannounced? No. A Bulls’ fan was heckling her because in all likelihood she was being extremely obnoxious in rooting for her husband’s Knicks. So Davis has to be Superman and run to his wife’s rescue because she’s in an argument with another fan? C’mon now, did we not learn anything after last year’s debacle in Detroit? How about just running to the scorer’s table and yelling out, “Are you okay honey?” before you charge into the crowd like a bull in Seville. Since she was in the 6th row, unless she requires two of those massive hearing aids you see 80 year-olds in Wal-Mart wearing, she probably could have shouted back, “Yeah Tony, this guy’s just being a real douche bag.” Now we’re forced to hear Woodie Page and Jay Merriotti discuss this for the next few days until the NFL referees make another abhorrent call this weekend. Thanks a lot.

PS-If Stern gives him anything longer than a 1 or 2 game suspension, he really needs to come down from his power trip. I bet his wife wears the pants in the Stern house and so whenever he gets the chance to prove his masculinity he has no chance but to take it. Stay tuned for the ruling.

UPDATE: Yup, looks like Mrs. Stern went out and bought a new Beamer anyway, even after David strictly told her not to do so. She actually pulled up with it right as Davis was rushing into the stands. What a coincidence, huh?


At 7:13 PM, Anonymous ET said...

Well, it looks like David Stern needs to "come down from his power trip". 5 game suspension according to RealGM...


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