Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Carnival #24

For those of you who have never heard of the Carnival before, it's a compilation of work from the various NBA blogs across the web. Some poor sap (this week it's me) is put in charge of emailing everyone for an article, getting a 30% response, then having to delve through a dozen or so blogs for a noteworthy piece. Typically the end result is a monster paragraph that has links to each site.

But, rather than keep with tradition, I decided instead to share with you the emails I got from these various bloggers. Some were lazy, some funny, some really bizarre. Here they are along with my initial reactions (of course).

Email #1:

"Hope it's not too late here. I'd like to throw my 2006 mock draft in there, if possible
--Dave from the city"

My take: Thanks for clarifying because it would have been a nightmare trying to figure out if this was Dave from the city or the town.

Email #2:

"Hi Anthony,

I sent you an email earlier this week about the Carnival but I'm hoping you can use these two posts instead. If you can't no worries, but I thought I'd at least try. The main post is [on Street Ball] and if you have room for a second post I'd love to help you get the word out that I'm looking for writers

Thanks Anthony!

Ryan, HoopsAddict.com"

My take: Ryan should make a lot of you feel like crap since he went out of to scrounge up his best work and send me not one, but two articles. Those of you who lazily ignored my emails to go watch figure skating on NBC should be ashamed of yourselves.

Email #3:

"Hi Anthony,

Thanks for taking on this thankless task! Here's my contribution"

My take: Jesus, you got that right. I feel as mistreated as those parents on the Sweet Sixteen show on MTV. And if you’re pretending that you haven’t seen it, just give it up already.

Email #4:

"Hey, Use any of my All-Star 1-on-1 posts

Thanks, Brian"

My take: See, how hard was that? This probably took Brian 13 seconds, max.

Email #5:

"Anthony --
Sorry it's so late, but here's my entry for the Carnival. It's on The Kevin Martin Experience

Take care, and good luck,


My take: This article sounds like something that may have been the inspiration behind Brokeback Mountain. But it's not, so make sure to go check out Tom's hard work.

Email #6:

"sorry i know this is wicked late, but in case you're still working on it, here is my article. it's about the hawks only having josh smith in the all star weekend and how the hawks suck so we can't send anyone else. it's wonderful. good luck with the carnival bud

Chase Kuech
Most Valuable Network,

My take: I thought only Bostonians use the word ‘wicked’? And at least Chase isn’t bashful about the quality of his writing, huh? I’m just busting your balls buddy, thanks for the submission.

Emails #7 & 8:
"For the Carnival...On 2/3/06, Sportsbiz wrote:
Since you stepped up to take it, I have a couple of posts for you (choose whichever one you want):

Hornets Playing in OKC Next Year

Does 81 Return Kobe to Hero Status?

Thanks for taking it on. If you have any questions, let me know.


"For the Carnival...On 2/6/06, Michael Deuser wrote:

Nels, my man, what's up. Can I put a SportingNews blog on the Carnival? I don't see why not. I keep it real. Here's a link to a blog about Mike Montgomery and the Warriors

Let me know if that's kosher.

Thanks, Mike"

My Take: Umm, am I doing this Carnival or is Nels? Can this task get anymore tedious and confusing? This certainly is not ‘kosher’.

Email #9:


Thanks for putting this together. Here's my submission. It's just a recap of a good Spurs game against TOR, but I manage to incorporate a merkin. That's something.


My take: Am I the only one who has no clue what a merkin is? I’m assuming it has something to do with Sean Marks? Guess you’ll have to find out for yourselves. And is it just me or were you worried too that this could be a bad porn site about the former WWE star turned atrocious actor? Well, it’s not.

Email #10:

"just take whatever is posted on [my site], New York Knicks Most Valuable Network


My take: Translation: "I’m not as lazy as those guys who didn’t send anything, but I’m still pretty damn lazy."

Email #11:

"anthony, never sent in for the carnival before...do you just need a url? sorry i'm responding so late. these e-mails went to my bulk bin. let me know if you need anything else. thanks.


My take: See how confused I was about the email list? I’m somehow managed to get a piece on Michelle Kwan...Just kidding, this is an article discussing T-Mac's unfortunate shooting slump. And on a side note, am I alone in being totally spooked out by this guy's pseudonym? Aloneconformist? Sounds like some 1980s Harrison Ford movie.

The Best of the Rest:

As for those of you who sent me nothing at all, I went onto your sites and attempted to find your worst article, ever. Unfortunately, all of your sites are very well organized and contain excellent material. Here’s a list of works you should all check out:

Celticsblog.com: up-to-the-second Boston Celtics info with excellent forum discussion

Perkolators: affiliated with Celtics Blog, and formerly The Get Buckets Brigade, a site solely dedicated to Ricky Davis. But now that RD has packed his bags for Minnesota, Matt and co. have now turned their attention to Kendrick Perkins. A very entertaining site, especially for those die-hard C’s fans.

Fantasy Basketblog: Go there for your weekly dose of who to start/bench to take advantage of all your fantasy match-ups. Here’s this week’s Head-to-Head’s Up

120 Proof Ball: Get your latest reasons why to stay in school…

Golden State Warriors Blog: Has moved to Golden State of Mind. Keep the faith fellas…

Blog a Bull: Addicted to the Bulls? Then make this site a daily read.

Pistons Coverage at Most Valuable Network: Get the latest on Darko’s potential relocation

The Bball Blog: A very entertaining site that almost had me believing that Scope really signed Vin Baker to be a spokesman. A must read…

One more late addition from Zach at Sportszilla, enjoy


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Chase Kuech said...

Good job on this Anthony, I like how you just took the emails and responded to them, it was a cool approach. And I laughed. As for my use of the word wicked, I grew up in New England. I went to school in the south so I say ya'all too. Let the jokes begin...

At 5:49 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Sorry man. I think we missed the email. Props on keeping the site going strong.

Golden State of Mind


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