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What If Rosters: Southeast Division

Thanks to Tyner, who provided me with the link that summarizes all of the league’s trade history, I can now complete these articles appropriately. Before you scroll down, beware that it gets pretty messy. There were dozens of decisions regarding transactions (e.g. would you rather Grant Hill or Ben Wallace & Chucky Atkins) and so I went ahead and made the selection I felt better suited that particular team. Please feel free to voice your praise or displeasure.

Atlanta Hawks

Current Roster
Esteban Batista
Josh Childress
John Edwards
Al Harrington (6)
Royal Ivey
Joe Johnson (8)
James Lang
Tyronn Lue
Zaza Pachulia
Donta Smith
Josh Smith (5)
Salim Stoudamire
Marvin Williams

Come & Gone
Jason Terry (1)
Alan Henderson (1)
Lorenzen Wright (3)
Toni Kukoc (7)
Dermarr Johnson
Nazr Mohammed (2)
Brevin Knight (3)
Shareef Abdur-Rahim (3) (4)
Theo Ratliff (4)
Dan Dickau (4)
Rasheed Wallace (4) (5)
Stephen Jackson (6)
Joel Przybilla (2)
Antoine Walker (1)
Boris Diaw (8)

(1) ATL traded Terry, Henderson, and a 1st Rd pick to DAL for Walker and Tony Delk
(2) ATL traded Mohammed for Przybilla, M. Doleac, and a 2nd Rd pick
(3) ATL traded L. Wright, Knight, and the rights to Pau Gasol for Abdur-Rahim and the rights to Jamaal Tinsley
(4) ATL traded Abdur-Rahim, Ratliff, & Dickau for R. Wallace and W. Person
(5) ATL traded Wallace for a 1st Rd pick (J. Smith) and a bunch of crap
(6) ATL traded Jackson to IND for Harrington
(7) ATL traded Kukoc, Leon Smith, and a 1st Rd pick to MIL for Glenn Robinson—that pick turned out to be TJ Ford*
(8) ATL traded Diaw and picks to PHX for Johnson

Transaction decisions
(1) Terry over Walker
(2) Przybilla and a 2nd Rd pick over Mohammed
(3) Wright/Knight/Gasol over Abdur-Rahim/Tinsley
(4) Nulled with previous selection
(5) Nulled with selection #3
(6) Harrington over Jackson
(7) Kukoc, Smith, and Ford over Robinson.
(8) Johnson over Diaw

2005-06 “What If” Roster
PG—J.Terry, B. Knight, T.J. Ford*
SG—J. Johnson, S. Stoudamire, R. Ivey
SF—M. Williams, J. Childress, T. Kukoc
PF—A. Harrington, E. Batista
C—P. Gasol, Z. Pachulia, J. Przybilla, L. Wright

Apparently every under-achieving center of the 21st century has to go through Atlanta first before giving fantasy owners the impression they are ready to shine but instead just miserably flop. Seriously, how do the Hawks not get credit for ridding themselves of bums like Nazr, Ratliff, Przybilla, and Lo Wright? Instead of this quartet, they own perhaps the biggest bargain at the center position in Pachulia ($3.4M). Unfortunately, the praise ends there. At the time, I’m sure that Gasol-for-Abdur-Rahim swap seemed like a steal, but now, not so much. One player is a promising young (25) big man quietly establishing himself as the foundation of his team. The other is a perennial candidate for athroscopic knee surgery. In addition, the three players they could really use right now (Terry, Knight, and Ford) are playing some of the best basketball of their careers this season. You might be asking why they need a PG when they have Johnson? Well I think JJ is better suited on the wing and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see that next season.

Charlotte Bobcats

Analyzing the brief history of the Bobcats is not only a waste of time, but it’s unfair to the franchise. Charlotte has not had nearly enough time (or money) to make the necessary moves to compete in this league. Check back in ten years for a thorough breakdown.

Miami Heat

Current Roster
Derek Anderson
Shandon Anderson
Earl Barron
Michael Doleac
Udonis Haslem
Jason Kapono
Alonzo Mourning
Shaquille O’Neal (3)
Gary Payton
James Posey
Wayne Simien
Dwyane Wade
Antoine Walker
Jason Williams
Dorrell Wright

Come & Gone
Kurt Thomas
Voshon Lenard (2)
P.J. Brown (1)
Bruce Bowen (FA to Spurs)
Eddie House (2)
Eddie Jones (1)
Brian Grant (3)
Ricky Davis (1)
Jim Jackson (FA to SAC)
Mike James (FA to BOS)
Caron Butler (3)
Lamar Odom (3)
Rafer Alston (FA to TOR)
Damon Jones (FA to CLE)
Keyon Dooling (FA to ORL)

(1) MIA traded Jamal Mashburn, P.J. Brown, Otis Thorpe, Tim James, and Rodney Buford to CHA for Eddie Jones, Anthony Mason, Ricky Davis, and Dale Ellis.
(2) MIA traded Lenard and Mark Strickland to DEN for Chris Gatling and a 2nd Rd Pick (House)
(3) MIA traded Grant, Butler, and Odom to LAL for O’Neal

Transaction decisions
(1) Jones, Mason, Davis and Ellis over Mashburn, Brown, Thorpe, James, & Buford
(2) Gatling and House over Lenard and Strickland
(3) O’Neal over Grant, Butler, and Odom

2005-06 "What If" Roster
PG—J. Williams, G. Payton, M. James, R. Alston
SG—D. Wade, R. Davis, E. House
SF—B. Bowen, E. Jones, J. Posey
PF—K. Thomas, A. Walker, U. Haslem
C—S. O’Neal, A. Mourning

Honestly, the only guy I’d kill to have back from this group is Bowen. Posey has certainly lost a step or two and having that perennial All-Defensive guy would make Wade that much better. Also, I bet most of you didn’t even remember that Davis was a member of this squad back in the day (I didn’t). He would certainly be an offensive upgrade over the Andersons, but not an essential piece to the puzzle. I must say, the Heat management has done an excellent job over the last decade, yet they still remain without that championship banner.

Orlando Magic

Current Roster
Trevor Ariza (1)
Carlos Arroyo
Stacey Augmon
Tony Battie (9)
Travis Diener
Keyon Dooling
Pat Garrity (3)
Grant Hill (2)
Dwight Howard
Mario Kasun
Darko Milicic
Jameer Nelson
Bo Outlaw
DeShawn Stevenson (8)
Hedo Turkoglu

Come & Gone
Shaquille O’Neal (FA to LAL)
Anfernee Hardaway (3)
Michael Doleac
Matt Harpring
Chucky Atkins (2)
Corey Maggette (6)
Earl Boykins (waived)
Ben Wallace (2)
Anthony Johnson (waived)
Tracy McGrady (7)
Mike Miller (5)
Troy Hudson
Gordon Giricek (5) and (8)
Drew Gooden (5) (9)
Steven Hunter (9)
Zaza Pachulia (lost in expansion draft-CHA)
Kelvin Cato (7)
Tyronn Lue (7)
Juwan Howard (7)
Lee Nailon
Steve Francis (1) (7)
Cuttino Mobley (7)
Amare Stoudemire (3 and 4)*
Anderson Varejao (9)

(1) ORL traded Francis to the NYK for Ariza and Penny
(2) ORL traded Atkins and Wallace to DET for Hill
(3) ORL traded Hardaway to PHX for Garrity, Danny Manning, and two 1st Rd picks (Stoudemire and Jason Collins)
(4) ORL traded Bo Outlaw and a 2002 1st Rd pick (A. Stoudemire) to PHX for Jud Buechler and Vinny Del Negro (Yikes)
(5) ORL traded Miller, Ryan Humphrey, a 1st Rd pick (Kendrick Perkins), and a 2nd Rd pick to MEM for Gooden, Giricek, and cash
(6) ORL traded Maggette, Derek Strong, and K. Dooling to LAC for a 1st Rd pick (not yet used)
(7) ORL traded McGrady, Howard, Lue, and Reece Gaines to HOU for Francis, Mobley, and Cato
(8) ORL traded Giricek to UTH for Stevenson
(9) ORL traded Gooden, Hunter, and the rights to Varejao to CLE for Battie, and two 2nd Rd picks

Transaction decisions
(1) Nulled due to trade (7)
(2) Atkins/B. Wallace
(3) Garrity, Manning, and the picks
(4) Outlaw and the 1st Rd pick (Stoudemire)
(5) Miller, Humphrey, and 1st Rd pick (Perkins)
(6) In keeping McGrady, Maggette wouldn’t be necessary, thus I would keep the unused pick
(7) McGrady, Howard, Lue, and Gaines
(8) Nulled by decision (5)
(9) Nulled by decision (5), thus Hunter and Varejao stay

2005-06 "What If" Roster
PG—J. Nelson, E. Boykins, C. Arroyo
SG— T. McGrady, M. Miller, M. Harpring
SF— A. Stoudemire, H. Turkoglu, P. Garrity
PF—D. Howard, J. Howard, Z. Pachulia
C—S. O’Neal, B. Wallace, K. Perkins

You had no clue they gave up the pick that turned into Amare, did you? And while it’s unfair to say the Magic definitely would have drafted Stoudemire, I think it’s worth the fun of imagining this nightmarish frontcourt. In addition, perhaps it would be an exaggeration to assume Amare could play the 3, but if you were coaching this team would you really want him or Howard coming off the pine? I wouldn’t, especially not when Miller or Turkoglu would be taking that place. And man, how lucky would Jameer be? He’d have three 20+ scorers, the two best young big men in the game, and a defensive beast and two sharpshooters off the pine. With that bunch, Nelson could average 12 assists with two Stuart Scott eyes.

Washington Wizards

Current Roster
Gilbert Arenas
Andray Blatche
Calvin Booth
Caron Butler (6)
Antonio Daniels
Jarvis Hayes
Brendan Haywood
Antawn Jamison (7)
Jared Jeffries
Peter John Ramos
Michael Ruffin
Awvee Storey
Donnell Taylor
Billy Thomas
Etan Thomas (2)

Come & Gone
Chris Webber (1)
Juwan Howard (2)
Rasheed Wallace (3)
Ben Wallace (4)
Richard Hamilton (5)
Aaron Williams (FA to NJN)
Tyronn Lue (FA to ORL)
Kwame Brown (6)
Bobby Simmons (5)
Chucky Atkins (6)
Juan Dixon (FA to POR)
Jerry Stackhouse (5) (7)
Larry Hughes (FA to CLE)
Brian Cardinal (5)
Steve Blake (FA to POR)
Brevin Knight (waived)

(1) WAS traded Webber to SAC for Mitch Richmond and Otis Thorpe (gross)
(2) WAS traded Howard, Calvin Booth, and Obinna Ekezie to DAL for Christian Laettner, Loy Vaught, Etan Thomas, Hubert Davis, Courtney Alexander, and $3 million
(3) WAS traded R. Wallace and Mitchell Butler to POR for Rod Strickland and Harvey Grant
(4) WAS B. Wallace, Terry Davis, Tim Legler, and Jeff McInnis to ORL for Ike Austin
(5) WAS traded Hamilton, Hubert Davis, and Bobby Simmons to DET for Stackhouse, Cardinal, and Ratko Varda
(6) WAS traded Brown and Laron Profit to LAL for Butler and Atkins
(7) WAS traded Stackhouse, Laettner, and the rights to Devin Harris to DAL for Jamison and $1 million

Transaction decisions
(1) Webber
(2) The latter to A) save money, and B) later move Laettner to DAL (7)
(3) R. Wallace and Butler
(4) B. Wallace and co.
(5) Hamilton, Davis, and Simmons
(6) Butler and Atkins
(7) Jamison

2005-06 "What If" Roster
PG—G. Arenas, B. Knight, A. Daniels
SG—R. Hamilton, L. Hughes, J. Jeffries
SF—A. Jamison, C. Butler, B. Simmons, J. Hayes
PF—C. Webber, R. Wallace
C—B. Wallace, B. Haywood, E. Thomas

Notice anything peculiar? No? How about three of the current starting five from Detroit? And take a look at the first five of these seven transactions and the fact that I would have done the opposite of each. What kinds of drugs were flowing through D.C. in the 90s? Webber for two senior citizens? They couldn’t get at least a first round pick out of that trade? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt with the ‘02 Rip-for-Stack deal (JS was 2nd in the NBA in scoring in ‘00-01), but as for the Big Ben trade that netted them Ike Austin, give me a break. These miserable deals are a true testament to why the Wizards needed eight years to finally reach the postseason.


At 12:51 AM, Anonymous Ken said...

Phil Jax = 9 titles. Great article! Maybe NBA GM's need to check this article out to learn a lesson or two from trade history. Some of these trades are just too lopsided, especially most of the Magic's. I can only imagine what the Knicks "what-if" team will look like with all these questionable moves by Isiah and of course the 1st round picks that Chicago will get from the Curry deal. Tsk tsk..


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