Tuesday, April 04, 2006

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Yeah, I'm really pumped too

Okay, so maybe I wasn’t totally honest about this whole job transition thing. I kind of forget to mention that I have a week off before starting my new position. So because of my enormous conscience and the fact that I started seeing Will Shu, Barry Wang, and Curtis in my dreams, I decided to write a little something about what’s going on in the basketball world today.

--What are the chances of the staff at ESPN.com walking in today pumped up to follow the NCAA Women’s Championship game? Besides Chloe and Abby, which employees wouldn’t have saved today as the one day they called in sick? Seriously, aside from the entire gay and lesbian population and a bunch of ladies that want to bone Geno Auriemma, who really cares about tonight’s game? I actually hate it so much that I go so far as to rooting against both teams to just flat out suck so that maybe, just maybe, this entire sport will somehow vanish from the earth. Just take a look at the front page of ESPN.com right now. There is a picture of huddled “Lady Blue Devils” with the caption reading, “They Got Next”. Excuse me? They got the next what? You mean the national spotlight where people go out drinking to watch the game, while totally disregarding the fact that they have work at 8 AM the next morning? Really? Should I be making plans right now? Hold on, I’ll be right back I gotta make sure my Monique Currie jersey is ironed. (Sorry if I’m offending any of you, because if you truly like women’s basketball, then I respect that. Just please respect the fact that I would rather watch high school water polo than tonight’s game. Or an episode of Joey. Either one.)

--As for last night’s men’s championship, I gotta say, my hat is off to Billy Donovan and his squad. But what I came away most impressed with (besides Joakim Noah blowing kisses to the UCLA cheerleaders with just under 10 minutes to go) were the heartfelt responses Donovan gave in the postgame press conference. If you missed it, here’s a quick summary of the points he made:

1) Florida wasn’t necessarily the best team in the country, just a team that got hot at the right time and was built to stay strong in tournament competition.

2) He owes his father and Rick Pitino a debt of gratitude not for winning a championship, but for how they showed him how to teach others.

3) That he’s more proud of himself for his ability to reach his players and teach them what it takes to be better individuals and basketball players than he is for winning the championship.

It was quite remarkable how humble Donovan truly was. Many coaches try and say the right things all the time, thanking their families, past coaches, teachers, etc. but still come off as arrogant pricks. Florida’s coach absolutely did not. I believed every word that came from his mouth last night and believe that same integrity and dedication is what got him his first national title.

--I like Noah, don’t get me wrong, but is it too much to ask for him to get some braces? His father won the French Open for God’s sake, it’s not like he’s a factory worker at GM. Hey Yannick, your son could very well be the first pick in the Draft this summer, stop letting him look like a jack-o-lantern.

--I think Taurean Green was the second best player on the floor last night. The way he handled the variation of presses UCLA through at him was phenomenal. How many times did the Gators finish with a flush that was generated by Green’s penetration? Now sure, perhaps a handful of collegiate players could have handled the break just as well as Green did, but his maturity and confidence really impressed me. If he works hard on his jumper this summer, I can see him becoming a mid-1st round prospect next season. (Plus, his little dance to end the game was excellent)

--Since I really don’t know much about the NBA and just follow the boxscores, I thought I’d present to you what I know best, fantasy tips. If you’re in head-to-head leagues right now, you absolutely cannot hold on to players who simply look good on paper. Don’t keep Darius Miles on your roster because he had a solid first three weeks of the season. Swallow your pride if you selected him in the 3rd round and go get a player who is actually contributing to his team. From what I hear, DM is an absolutely asshole who has no regard for his coaches and teammates and on top of it, still has a bum knee. I’m assuming it’s Playoff time for most of you this week, so make sure to really put a lot of thought into your moves, not only for the following day, but for the entire week at hand.

--It feels pretty good to write again, perhaps I’ll hit you guys up again later this week.


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what? justkiddin.
what? justkiddin.


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fck yo couch

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Is that last picture Darius Miles!?

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yeah, looks like i drew it


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