Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Shocker: CP3 Wins Rookie of the Year

Rather than drool over Chris Paul's rookie season (16.1 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 7.8 APG, 2.2 SPG), let's take some time to rip the two teams who passed on the Wake Forest product, despite being in desperate need of a PG.

Atlanta - Is it inconceivable to think that with Paul, the Hawks could of made the Playoffs this season? Slide JJ to the 2, Josh Smith mans the 3, Harrington at PF, and Zaza in the middle? That isn't a 40-win team in the East? And better still, a 50+ win team within 2-3 years? Hey Billy Knight, which package would you rather have right now? Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams, or Paul, Boris Diaw, and $70 million? I wish there were more questions of that caliber on my upcoming Series 7 exam.

Utah - Count me amongst those who thought Deron Williams would be a perfect fit for the Jazz (and he very well may still be). But at this point, there is no contest over who looks to be the better pro between him and CP. Think about it--Paul nearly led a team to the Playoffs that wasn't supposed to win 20 games, whereas Williams led a team to the lottery that most predicted as a 7 or 8 seed. Now sure, Jerry Sloan didn't give Williams anywhere near the freedom that Paul had in New Orleans, but there had to be a reason behind that, right? You don't get stuck behind Keith McLeod and Milt Palacio for no reason (and no, I don't believe that crap about Sloan keeping DW behind just because he's a rookie). Now again, don't think I'm writing off Williams after one season because I do think he's going to make for a solid pro. But at the same time, I project Deron's ceiling to be in the Mike Bibby-range, whereas one has to believe that the sky's the limit for Paul. And anytime you could have had that latter player, you can't help but second guess yourself.

And for your amusement, here are a few quotes that I'd like to comment on:

"I couldn't have asked for a better rookie season." --Paul

Umm, weren't you guys holding the 5 seed at the All-Star Break? Wouldn't it have been better to make the Playoffs rather than to not make the Playoffs? Seems that CP has been hanging out with J.R. Smith a lot this offseason.

"I learned a long time ago that the difference in a good player and a great player is character, and Chris Paul is character right from the soles of his feet to the top of his head." -George Shinn, team owner

And what about his right hand? You know, the one that grabbed that dude's nuts right before the 2005 ACC Tournament? Does that have a lot of character?


At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Rob Bobberon said...

Hey Guyz

Finally my boy CP3 winz ROY. HELLZ YEAH. I agree he iz the best rookie of them all. I dunno why they had thiz award lazt when everyone knew he was the man and MVP waz more like who the F*U*C*K iz gonna win?? Oh well. Good luck in the final 4 and finalz.. im not mad you kicked me out. Here are my pickz for awardz.

RoY- my M*O*T*H*E*R*F*U*C*K*I*N* boy CP3

DEf - Marcuz Camby

MVP - Lebron Jamez

World Champz- Cavz

all nba - jamez, kobe, TMAC, carter, CP3

keep it real bitchez

At 2:42 PM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Nice call on T-Mac Bobberson. You forget he missed 75% of the year? And how about picking a big man on your All-NBA Team? Last time I checked none of those guys played center. Tell you what, if the Cavz win the Championship, the site is yours for free. Ok? You can throw in all the z's you want.

PS- You missed one 's' in your paragraph.

At 7:52 PM, Blogger Will Shu said...

Nice article ant. just wish i could see more. good luck with the playoffs

At 3:37 AM, Blogger Jerome said...

Ant, when you mentioned teams that needed a point gaurd, you forgot the throw in the Knicks :) It's weird, cause they could use another point gaurd about as bad as my Pistons could use another big man; or, if you flip it, about as bad as my Pistons could use another Championship. Strange how that works.

Anyway, if you get a chance, I'd like to hear your take on KG's future.

At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Rob Bobberson said...


he didnt mention the knickz cuz they didnt pazz on CP3 who is the M*O*T*H*E*R*F*U*C*K*I*N*G MAN.. they picked afta and took frye. i agree everyone who didnt take him is gonna be like OMG WTF next year.. marv suckz and so duz bogut.. williamz iz nice but not like my boy you know??

oh and sorry about not putting a big man but you dont need one son... think of it like thiz.. if you have a big man or 2 sure youll get more rebounds and 2 pointers but they wont be able to guard vinz or TMAC and the team with guardz will end up scoring more cuz they have more shooters aka 3 pointerz.


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